Blade and Soul Oceanic/SEA server

There are tons of bugs in the game and poor terrain collision issues. For one instance, the friends list doesn't auto update on occasion.I guess it is better to update the game to the same level as the Korean version so the bugfixes apply to both at the same time, and they don't have to fork the game versions.Blade and Soul Gold   Is it true that the Korean version is getting an updated game engine and new graphical overhaul?

That will be sexy if they do that. There has been patches to fix bugs already. Yeah there are bugs still but they are working on it. I am amazed how players on Reddit cry how it's been so long since Asura dungeon, and they're bored of it, and how people on the BnS forums cry how fasive us an update on Oceanic/SEA server! 15k sigs on petition and NCSOFT says nothing... t they're updating the game.

I been running asura with my clan and another clan which is running buddies of our clan. It has gotten old honestly Cheap Blade and Soul gold. We still do it though because you still make 12 gold really. Well 12 minus the cost of your antidotes. I'm not saying that Asura is not geting boring, i just find it funny how people on reddit complain about it, and people on the forums complain about content being rushed.

I wish this game is playable sadly dota 2 disables our gaming it sucks multiple players and my bns gaming lagged due to them. Blade & Soul do you even listen to whate ppl say in here? They are the source of your money pay attention please.... We shall celebrate it nathan, almost a year. Holly Molly Merry Go Around.