my BNS characters is going to look awesome

I meant it more that you basically pay to sell it off, and probably they would make it just as expensive as outfits. I just know people might get bored with what they bought and Blade and Soul Gold try to get rid of it at some point (a different option than salvaging) and my friend has said they no longer want those items. It's just a shame they rot on characters is all.

I play this game with control and I'm having a lot of problems when the control off and I again call the game does not recognize immediately and I end up dying. You must fix this, the control should be automatically recognized. Shouldn't have added the 4 and 5. Kinda unethical to add 2 extra ESPECIALLY when those were the RNG costumes. Exactly what a bummer.

Yeah but because they were RNG, not many people got them.Buy Blade and Soul Gold I'm kinda hoping they'd just put it in the shop because i really want this for my Jin and Lyn. Enna Mae well yeah like personally i don't mind it coming back. But it came back too soon. And that they cheesed the polling by adding 2 more runners ups. The fact the prices are higher for these costumes as well doesn't sit well.

Ahh, that's true. Yeah, a friend told me that they were a bit more expensive than the other ones. Kinda sucks. Fk yes! Black padded coat! Now my characters is going to look awesome! can you checked it for me? My internet is kinda low rite now. So basically.......the community has really bad taste.Good to know.