which is the role of a Tank in FFXIV

Why I can't login ? I tried free version and bought a tokken for the one time password but it said not correct. ANyone cattn show me how to login and play this game ? Samurai class please. Don't care if it takes the role of a Tank or DPS as long as it's in. Technically not true. You mean Three years since A Realm Reborn.

That's exactly what a three year anniversary is..Buy FFXIV Gil Oh, you're under the impression that ARR was the first release of FF14? Poor you. Some things we do not talk about anymore. poor you not realizing, the previous 14 is not spoken about. it never existed. NEVER. Poor you, not being able to read the post and seeing that it clearly says three year anniversary. But hey, I come from 1.0 too kiddo and it had nowhere near the success that ARR did. Nice try.

If someone says"ive been 3 years sober" you don't say "technically not true, you've been sober before" the same applies here Cheap FFXIV Gil  . It was still 14 back in 2010. We're nearly at the 6th anniversary.We are however at the 3rd anniversary of arr. Wayne is right, albeit just jokingly, their wording was wrong.

Wayne Redhead First rule of 1.0. We don't talk about 1.0.Except this isn't a 1.0 fan page. It's the companies page for ARR. Although I am grateful to 1.0 for being what it was and even sprouting ARR, I respect ARR and Yoshida. What the game did was amazing and it's a brand new game in its own right. So let's just be happy for what it is now.