Blade and Soul wonderland themed things in games

Personal data confirmation and a captcha can solve it. I respect the American BNS team but after the last two live-streams I thought their taste was a little doubtful, I was sure that after seeing the Blinduck outfit among the finalists. +1 to this, there's already an 'alice in wonderland' costume.

While i participated and got into the top 10 runner ups, i now understand how to improve for the next contest, and am happy for that. That said i dont think i will ever win, because if the metric is in favor of redesigning an existing IP i simply dont see original concepts taking the spotlight. Blade and Soul Gold   Existing IP has an established communication with the audience so it sells itself easily. Personally i will never invest so much time into something that has already been established.

Original designs are a lot lot harder simply by virtue of trying to avoid whats already out there, Cheap Blade and Soul gold but it is far more rewarding in the end. That is just my two sense on the matter. Nevertheless am glad we finally got the game here in the west and its awesome we get to contribute to ingame design, thanks for the opportunity NC, looking forward to the next one .

change the lyn hair to the same as jin or yun, we dont need more poharan styles. O M G, i love alice in wonderland themed things in games... actually i love alice wonderland in everything because i love alice in wonderland (did i say i love alice in wonderland?) Are you guys for real right now? You just paid someone to steal your own outfits. At this point I just have to laughs.