FFXIV cait sith is a stuffed toy

You said we will get the june class changes. You guys delayed that? Fail producer who wont spent money on what its needed . what about locations where we can obtain and farm moonstones? FFXIV Gil  6v6 PvP (again), and new trove event (again). Dont forget the sudden fps drop update plus loading at violet checkpoint then boom dc sad. Can u guys tell me the best processor for bns to avoid bottlenecking... i've been using amd, and its stuttering so badly.

Not rude. It's their creation which they have every right to change and adapt. Moogles dont always have the same tone of fur or same colored pom. Hell, the human race doesnt have the same colored skin Buy FFXIV Gil so why should "this" Cait Sith have to be the same as the others. Whats "rude" is ignorant people telling someone what to do with their own creation.

Because cait sith is a stuffed toy and named character and unless he is Micheal Jackson reincarnated in toy form people don't change colour either....

Stop trying to make my comment racist. I was born blonde and my hair is now naturaly brown. Dogs and cats also change colour when they become an adult. I never said you were racist, i said that colours don't have to be the same. If you're taking that as a "racist" remark i believe it says more about you than me.