FFXIV i245 weapons

It's not though, even the i240 level isn't the best. Definitely SECOND best in slot, and the most flexible to fit your stat needs while you work on your other best in slots, sure. The i245 weapons generally take the cake for best weapon.Even if it were, the i240 step is still an arduous grind.

So I don't know what you're bitching about? Blade and Soul Gold  It's still not that bad of a grind compared to the raid and searching to get a party to get that 245 weapon which is going to get outdated by the relic anyway— The actual issue is the gutting of a lot of content to make things uneedingly easily like the ability to start in ishgard

Getting the new three classes off rip which wouldn't a issue without how they handle the way the dungeoning would work since your 30 off jump Or skipping the entirety of ARR instantly. And here I am,buy FFXIV gil  sitting with pride that I got my i230 relic before this huge nerf. Though you could easily get the unidentifiables with the mog tribe before nerf anyway.

Seriously. Once mogs dropped I went from 0 to done in a month of casual play. I honestly thought the moogles were supposed to be an indirect nerf. that's what I thought of them as. I got 40 in one week xD. Yup saw this coming a main reason i didnt farm my soul away for the items it was bound to happen they did the same thing to books.