500 fragments for a gem

Yeah! I really wanted a gem. I settled on the swimsuit with the coral fragments in the end. But 500 fragments for a gem is just flushing gold down the toilet. And despite all the failed attempts...Buy Blade and Soul Gold I didn't even come close to 500. Please don't ever do that event again.Worst event I had ever seen.

Yeah, i had gotten to stage 7 after a few attempts and was able to get the gem, but then after that my luck had sunk to rock bottom. I'd either fail from stage 3 to 4 or stage 5 to 6. But i managed to get 2 nebula stones from frags and 2 from actually getting the weapon to the right stage, but that was after a bazillion attempts lmao.

You probably got lucky and was actually able to get a weapon above stage 5. I only got to stage 5 twice. This event was way too rng.I managed to snag 4 costumes for my alts, the red glasses, and Nebula stones : Cheap Blade and Soul gold) But yeah terrible event aside from selling all those corallites to get that G.im not lucky and corallites full with rng so rip. Lost 400g for 3 pcs L7 fish weapon. Thanks for this demotivating event.

I didn't even bother, I just looked at how it worked, and said "nope, waste of time, and my limited gold supply." I'm sure if you were one of the end-game players swimming in pools of gold, it'd be a fine thing to blow a bit of cash on. Although for a leveling player, it was a pair of completely useless events, in a string of useless events for this game.