F to be a watered down menu simulator like VIII

The lord has answed lol just down want this great game end like this or no mans sky ffs. Bro gonna ask u for the lotto then peace bro.. Just like ff thats the reason why i have ps4. Then go back and play FF8...its time for a new change buddy. Don't like it, don't buy it! New change.. Go back to xbox.. Please recall the story about ff .. I forgot ur a fuckin commnist.

God damn noob buy FFXIV gil   i pay 10x for asshley not playing this. Stop trolling, FFVIII was boring and slow. Let it die. James Cronin what are u saying.. Ff was created before u ever were boy. Give this guy a cookie .. Hey u ever wacth the kingsglaive .. Is dont kbow a chocobo or a Audi .... Have to put this guy on 9gag. What is FF its final fak. Boy"born.. Sry.. Or not did i made a mistake .. The is kicthen is in the basement u boob.

Vasan Thepnok Aalborg Ooo, did I hurt your feelings? Poor Squall fanboy, he wants every FF to be a watered down menu simulator like VIII.Why don't you go back to school and learn some English? FFXIV Gil  Any computer geek or ps4 and xbox one players that can give me advice of what to get am trying to get a good system to game on. PS4 since most Final Fantasy games will eventually be on there. Overall a high end PC would be the best. But for the new Final Fantasy games a PS4 is your best bet.

You may want to wait until we have more concrete info on the Scorpio an Neo. They'll be more powerful systems than the base PS4 and Xbox, and they'll likely be affordable. Thank you guys for the info you guys are great in that case I'll probably wait for the neo to come out. Cesarakapito Burgos Depends, what kind of game sharing? Like having a friend and you be able to play a game only one of you bought? If so then yes. And you can stream a game to both your screens with SharePlay, makes it so that you can play local co-op games online.