changes in FFXIV Patch 3.4 - Soul Surrender

I know this is going to get hate from some people but someone has to say it >_> The reason we can't have nice long hair hairstyles is because of the horde of people on the forums whining and complaining they can't wear gender locked clothes (like dresses, or female hair) on male characters, so SE keeps giving us short gender neutral hairstyles :/ And by gender neutral, they're mostly geared towards male characters anyways.

Those same people are why XIV also lacks content that's usually in mmos, since most of the forums is usually filled with people asking for more stuff in the cash shop or more glamour, which SE only replies to those, buy FFXIV gil  rather than the important topics. Updates last 1-4 days and then you've done everything. I miss when mmos used to give enough content to keep us busy until the next update or further. People seem to want to play mmos like mobile games lately :/ it's a sad time to play mmos

It's also why XIV doesn't have a real pet job ("It'd be difficult for new players", SE's own words back in 2.0) FFXIV Gil  and all the jobs pretty much feel the same with very minor differences, not to mention no elemental wheel etc. XIV has potential to be good, but the "I prefer glamour over content", "I'd rather pay real money for that than get it in game", "

I pay my sub" people are whats holding it back, since for some reason SE wants to play it safe and cater to only them, resulting in a bland mmo. Even some f2p mmos give better content than XIV has. Long lasting content too, not this "throw it out in 3 months" thing which makes you lose motivation to even do anything.