FFXIV physical Items are cool

All stuff in mogstation are optional and not relevant at all. They realize that after years of testing the waters, what fans are willing to pay for things like this. They know it's not that expensive, and that you'll pay for it.The folks who defend this by saying the cash shop or this glamour is an option is missing the point of a p2p game. Sure, sell glamour and stuff if you want, but there has to be a way to obtain these items in game too.

Also, if people choose to pay the price for this stream, expect next year's to be even more than 30$. If you buy, FFXIV Gil  you are proving that 30$ isn't that bad for a stream and ingame items and they will do this again . BTW there were 3 paid streams last year. Are there going to be 3 30$ paid streams this year too? I miss the days where you could just play a game to get everything in it. It started when Enix got involved, so, a long time ago.

Joshua Bays You are correct. I'm a minion collector, buying soundtracks, art-books and dolls, which I don't mind since the physical Items are cool but this is too much. $90 and no physical item to it buy FFXIV gil . Have you guys heard of the Odin figure with a unique emote and the up coming Eorzea encyclopedia with another minion. It is getting out of hand now, and I'm considering to quit my mount/minion collection. Sad really.

Eric Sedano To be honest I am tempted to buy the first one only cus I want the Rikku minion and the outfit (plus want to see the stream) but it's a bit insane on the costs. I've actually been unsubbed for almost a month just waiting cus I ran out stuff to do that interests me and the current patch seems to be more of the same.