FFXIV Midgardsormr is super active

It entirely depends on the time of day and the areas you frequent. Ul'dah and Idyllshire are pretty popular hangouts. Diab never feels even remotely empty. Come to Greg if you can. Trust me, you'll need at least two lala duct taped to a stick to shake off all the players. Thanks, for all of the replies and suggestions. I stream on Twitch occasionally so, I'm looking for an active server with some fun people.Midgardsormr is super active. Even at dead hours I see tons of people around  FFXIV Gil . If you don't see anyone in limsa, then they're idling in Idyllshire (Heavensward area) most likely.

Tom E Mullen I've been playing for over a year now and i have no need to leave Cactuar lol; i have an awesome FC and a Linkshell and there both very helpful and friendly. If you decide to pop in on Midgard, I'll gladly help you out with some fresh gear, or help you level! c:(This is an invite to anyone who is looking to move servers. I'll gladly help anyone in need!)My name on there is Lola Blaesdahl.

I'm on Behemoth and I see tons of people running around, especially at the event. Behemoth has always been busy Cheap FFXIV Gil since I've started playing this summer. its never quiet on midgardsormr , and its like Lola Demarce said , if no one is in limsa and such then they are either in Idyllshire or the quarrymill . certain servers are more active than others .

I'm on Cactuar, and I can say, it's pretty active all throughout the day! The community is casual enough to enjoy on a regular basis, or hardcore if you'd like to grind more difficult content. ^^ I know a LOT of people on Gilgamesh, I could talk ya some friendly people to look up. ^^ I'm on Sargatanas. Most servers in the Aether data center are pretty busy ones. Diabolos is filllllllled. I like it.It's under Creation Restriction pretty often though, because of the amount of people.