make FFXIV available for PS4 & XBOX1

Yeah but they could have stopped with PS2 and made FFXIV  available for PS4 & XBOX1. I played it on my laptop and it's nothing special. Hamster and a wheel played it. This game is so old almost any laptop you buy from a shop will be good enough to play FFXI. This game is so old almost any laptop you buy from a shop will be good enough to play FFXI. I miss this game soooooo much Buy FFXIV Gil .... My dnc was off the chain. Noooo, why do you have to do the Merit Points Fight event right at the same time as the CP event??? Now no one will do CP...

Just returned last weekend started a new character on Asura and I'm having a blast! Jorge Garcia I got a LS from one of the "Linkshell Concierge" But doesn't seem to social. I used to be a hardcore player on shiva for 7 years but ended it on 2009ish i think. Abyssea killed it for me. I would like to witness this game again just for nostalgia but would want to join a server with a good community. Any ideas the best english/UK speaking server would be now? cheap FFXIV gil I shall have a look, whats the population on server during peak times? Many thanks Juuso. About over 1000 I believe. Weekends it's over 1300. The game is still awesome, with content for all levels. Easy to make relics. I love it.

That's cool and all, but are the unlimited charge 150% exp/cp bonus rings also going to be included? I'm still waiting on ffxi mobile, pretty much my last hope for 11. I hope they do the game justice. Decent. Uber gear us easy to get, grab an LS and sure. Trying to decide between renewing this or xiv.. not sure since xiv has a new expansion coming out soon. Depends on your definition of "fun". I enjoyed playing it, but Cerberus server is practically in hospice, so it wasn't really any fun, especially once Ambu-blah-blah was released.

Makes me miss all of my linkshell friends, and my mithra.. People still play this game? Well duh yeah! Why would we not? There is one of these lame posts every time someone talks about FFXI. Was wondering cause game started to die after the lvl cap was raised to 80+. Started to die when 80 cap was released".>> 6 years later, half the games life span, game is still running. People really need to get over the fact Abyssea happened. It's been five years since I got over the raise in level cap and still play it today. Stop living in the past.