FFXIV The Real Steps of Salt

The Real Steps of Salt. Just because support ends it doesn't mean you won't be able to play. Just not 4.0. From what I remember at fan fest they said when 4.0 drops you'll no longer be able to log in with a ps3. They're changing the servers and the game Ui/architecture and the ps3 can't handle it. Okej that good! But sucks for you ps3 players lol. But like everyone else said ps4 isn't really expensive now especially with BF coming up and cyber monday.

Bring world of final fantasy to pc or mobile , or feel my wrath commies. yeah what a sale, with 33$ of shipping, cheap FFXIV gil   you might as well go somewhere else to buy them. All I want to do is play, but your downloader has decided to give me error codes at the 1 gig mark....What about some discount on monthly subscritions? not that anyone is asking.better be getting that Heavensward. I like how it's not just one day, gives me time to get money together for that, lol.

i am so glad i didn't buy heavensward last night. You have no excuse now. optional in game itens with discount plz Buy FFXIV Gil . Sooooo... no possible discount on steam??? p_p I got FF9 and 13 from the SE store today and they gave me steam keys! Not sure if FFXIV would be the same.It says it is not compatible with the Steam version of ARR. I'm not gonna throw down $10 for a version I can't use .-. FF14 will not be the same. The Steam version is not compatible with standalone.

Aww, yeah that sucks. The steam version of that game is awful for that reason alone. My dumbass didn't know that a month or two ago and I dropped 20 bucks on the bundle. Funny thing is, I didn't even get the bundle and when asked about it, customer support didn't detect that I purchased it. Even though the 20 was still taken out of my account. Can someone tell me what's The difference between the steam versión to SE versión? Pls. What about steam's version? No discounts?