doing BNS moonwater coast faction quests to get 5 soulstones to upgrade the razor

Make Chime great again! Any skimpy outfit for lyns? WHY WE CANT HAVE BLACK ARMY ? lel always those costumes . Please gv new costume.Best friend please. how to redeem a winback coupon? i have no code. Nice alright & thanks. Got a stage 6 turtle done in MSP my first time...disconnect right before I get credit..... Its very hard to get in on a stage 6's time like these that makes me hate you so very very much. Where is The Great General outfit :'C

jsut make a dps sit andchill. Next large update I believe. Ruins of Khanda Vihar arrives December 7 with a new epic questline, the Naryu Foundry dungeon, new Legendaries, and refinements to Buy Blade and Soul Gold other upgrade paths and costs. thats exactly why i left the game, updates are cool and everything but omg you dont even allow players to get used to the new content b4 releasing new one, only migrators from the korean version might benefit the most out of the new areas.

Meh, I'm still farming the infernal lord and doing moonwater coast faction quests to get 5 soulstones to upgrade the razor (I need 50). That's exactly the same thing I thought when I saw the new update like Cheap Blade and Soul gold.... Really? Let people new to the game catch a breath... I would rather think the old players who has played the game from the start and are very geared and have done all dungeons. New players can breath elsewhere than in this dungeon. Or be active and get geared. It's up to you if you want to rush or not and no one is forcing you. If you left the game, why do you even care.

This is what called "Games". Challenge accepted? this community cries too much oh my god, but lol i did the same. been playing since EU launch and i don't have a legendary anything yet with 675ap, but at least the dungeons that drop legendary accessories are profitable for skilled players who clear and get a loot auction war, it's how someone like me makes the gold tbh.