SE wants to make the FF7 Remake multiple full games

They ripped gladio/ignis & promptos plots to sell back as DLC but I assume they'll probably fill in gaps for certain people like varsteal(?). I was really pisssed at the under use of the emperor and ravus, I know they've said there working on new cutscenes for ravus but they need to flesh everything out more. Also don't put a time skip in and not show us all the characters we care about. I'd agree with the noctis POV if they didn't make a movie and anime explaining the plot and cutting to lunafreyas POV a few times during the story. Buy FFXIV Gil  If you don't like the story, make a better one and have SE read it over.

I think the story is just jumbled together from what was left over the old script when it was versus, thwy need a better team dealing with it. In multiple reports, the creators have said that they're gonna be patching in some new story content in the future, for free, and it's going to flesh it out more, but they need time, Voice acting and syncing up dialogue for multiple languages isn't easy. it's quite bad though that it's launched like this though, I can undestand it taking time to dub/animate etc but it really needed another year of brewing tI'll release.

Skyler Foxx gotta watch the movie to understand. shut up hater, no one cares about your opinion, people are enjoying this game so far and for me the story is PERFECT. If you don't like go play Life Is Strange, cheap FFXIV Gil there is a good story for you there. I have and enjoyed life is strange though, I actually bought it twice, I don't think being disappointed and hater are the same thing though, flaws are flaws. And then people wonder why SE wants to make the FF7 Remake multiple full games to avoid cutting story. Ps1 rpgs are bigger then any games on any console or PC from like Ps2/3 era and up. Lol.

The story is one of the much better stories in FF. And one of the better set of characters. But yes, It feels rushed, and unfinished. They had already maxed out the blu ray. So I wonder if how short and undetailed it is, Due to it being cut? Or if Tabata and team just never actually got to truly finish the game. Just like how you cant really go into some of the areas of the game. Yet anyway. Like... Tenebrae. Feels unfinished. Not to mention the constant jumping around. Didn't say "soon enough"...actually said" will take quite a while". David Bankson - In comparison to 10 years, it's nothing