ffxiv is down a lot over the past year

Jillian it is because every patch people come on here and bitch and whine that nothing is changing. Of course it isn't changing in a patch they've had this laid out for awhile. Game play changes come with expansions. We saw a big change with 3.0 I'm sure we will see an even bigger change with 4.0.

Dungeon. Get stones. Buy new gear. Repeat every 3 months. Same old content, boring.anything interesting?  FFXIV Gil  I NEED that hairstyle on that Miqo'te. Fix the game stop recycling content. The repetitive questlines reskinning dungeons same content pretty much every update like tower then new coil then new summon with new extreme it's the same thing over and over and over work for best crafting gear then 3 months later buy better then 3 months later new campaign crafting gear I used to love the game and I understand progress and moving forward but imo their recipe is broke very little variety.

This is how MMOs are, kind of why they're dying. Cody Moore Here's some freebies, Ctrl+C Ctrl+V them when you need. One-time use only!Buy FFXIV Gil  ,,,,,,,,,.........!!!!!!???????;;;;;;;; Felipe Cotti even though you're an idiot I don't play this game anymore do your comment Is past irrelevant. Lol this game is far from dying. I wouldn't say MMO'S are dying. Millions of people still play them lol. Actually population on ffxiv is down a lot over the past year but dead it's not. Cody Moore Thats normal as current expansions get to their end cycle. Numbers go up and down in all MMO'S. New expansion soon. As well as 3.5 update.

if it's dying as you said, dont you have better thing to do than keep on following it? that's a very unhealthy mindset you know? "Actually population on ffxiv is down a lot over the past year" in rebuttal of the argument you direct to Dave and Gabriel which their statement reinforce the said argument of the game is not dying. Forgot to put in there "but dead it is not" in that sentence.. Read a little.