I'd love to get back into FFXIV

SE knows how much I want this job and won't stop teasing it at me. Just put it in already. T_T I need dat rp development. Mega Uber ultra supreme bird mount! Happy New Year YoshiP and all the FF staff! Have they changed the repetitive battle system yet? About time my favorite class comes to FFXIV. Buy FFXIV Gil  That looks like Bayonetta's second haircut About time my favorite class comes to FFXIV.. Is that the bird mount for getting all the bird mounts? So what exactly is the rdm for ffxiv? I like that FF14 has a subscription. It keeps the whiny, entitled, complaining morons out of the game. Keeps it nicer for the rest of us! Plus who the hell can't afford £9 a month? That's what, two beers?

Confirmation Phoenix mount. It didn't say SAM or BLU confirmed I am not pleased. pls let samurai be a melee attacker instead of a tank. You will be mine, oh yes.... you will be mine. cheap FFXIV gil  People thinking this is a confirmation of blue mage are fucking retarded. 100 XP boost for a week would be a welcomed gift . Thanks for all pee wee jokes for the New Year event. And I'm here just thinking I want a phoenix mount. I want a new healer class that isn't a cookie cutter class.Heavensturn is nearly upon us! Join the celebrations starting on Dec. 31!

For you its 9, for me is 9x5 due to foreign exchange rate so its little to big for some people who are not trolls but want to play...You say it keeps out trolls and such but I see the same amount of toxic players in P2P, B2P and F2P. Only difference is that those on P2P also usually treat anyone who doesn't play their P2P game like trash.I've already had to change servers once because of elitist people who think that they pay for my subscription luckly I'm talking to some nice people right now but nice people are hard to find. Stu Wilks I love this community but there is always that one random out there who is feels entitled to the fastest Dungeon run possible.

I'd love to get back into FFXIV, already bought the subscription but my launcher is refusing to install HW. Everytime I try, I get an error. ahh this happens every time... :'( was so keen to get back into things.Patrice Alexandria Guerrero ask a buddy to upload the boot directory to some where. i also did that a few times for my FC buddy's and that did help.Plus some in-game purchases... This game is way too expensive and nothing special compared to other MMO's who offer the same features like this 1... Very disappointed from square Enix.. Seeing them like money wanting Corp. That makes only games to make on the 1st place.. However I need to give it up to SE for being able to make so many events, prizes, updates, dungeons, area and content in general. We have SO many events every year. New years, Valentine's day, anniversary (can't remember the in game name), summer, easter, halloween, christmas, not to mention other event along the way.