FFXIV The Far Edge of Fate

But but... that Spider-Man shirt... peter Parker was often late to work, maybe it means the expansion will be out late??? Let's analyze it!!! I dont know, I like the game but I'm kind of disappointed, just more of the same. I'm exited about the Main Story Quests though. So you like the game,Buy FFXIV Gil and them giving you more of what you like is a bad thing? Confusing. Well the game is nice but everything gets old after some time, maybe I'll just wait for the expansion.Looks nice, too bad I'll never get to that point. Ugh, grinding for gear in this game is so boring. more so the weapons That and the clunky pvp is what got me.

Don't like the grind? Buy the 250 gear haha. I have got to start playing this again. But I'm so enamored with XV I don't have the time. Is it worth to re-sub if you havent played since 3.2/a little bit of 3.3? For story alone, absolutely! The Dragonsong War finale is epic as hell. Yea, even though if you wait longer you can just resub with the new expansion and not miss anything. Drew Clifton Alright thanks. Val Santoro That's what I had in mind, but I wasn't sure how long that would be. I can wait for sure, if it's not incredibly long. Have they announced the release date, do you know?

Fredrik Phoenix Westerlund For this patch it's first half that is 17 January, for the expansion they are aiming on 20 June.cheap FFXIV gil  Krijn van Alten June?! :( Dont know if I can wait that long lol, I might be able to re-sub once or twice before the expansion hits.Uuugh i need to get back into FFXIV, if only my friends played since it gets boring by myself. I went in it completely alone and made new friends in game. So having no friends real life friends who play it is no excuse! True, I'm just so bad at making friends in an online game. That's what I thought too! I'm extremely shy and bad at socializing, but between just hanging out in cities, doing dungeons/farm parties, and being in my freecompany, I made friends super easy! Especially in my FC. They really made me feel welcome .

Try joining a social FC and you'll make friends easy. Will the new update be coming to Xbox One soon? Thank you, I love you. I don't want to ruin your day, but it does not seem likely to happen anytime soon. The new expansion, up for 20 June, was also not announced to come for the One. This games on Xbox? Do they play by themselves ? I can't see an mmo splitting their player base. Microsoft ruined any and all chances for them to get the game on the xbox one. First they put up ridiculous terms. Needing tgeir own data center and servers for only xbox live members and wanting xbox live as a requirement.Guys, he's just a troll lol he literally been putting this comment on every post.