how to collect BNS weapon skins

I realy do hope you guys might plan on giving us our dedicated server here on SEA, playing on NA is a total nightmare. 400ms. Solve the gameguard issue! People are mad at the forums! what is it i have had to troubleshoot bns before but not for GG. They have a contract with the company running this programme, one does not simply just end a very pricey buissness >Cheap Blade and Soul gold. What is wrong with the gameguard? It's running fine for me (64bit client) Same here, just changed the compatibility of client.exe and launcher to windows XP server pack 3 and everything went smooth. The best fix is to remove the damm thing.

This is y I can't come back. More money for them, same problems for us. more recolored old costumes? midnight detective white version? I kinda like the white version more... You got a problem :p ? todat just happening again just like before,bug no cursor when i try to move my items from my inventory. And also sometime npc name gone,but when i talk to randome npc they appear again. I just recharged $50 for bundles, pure white and Vday maid, now u tell me theres more. WTS body for $$. If you dont wanna use money, work hard and sell your gold for HM coins. The game isn't p2w.

Find a party. If not, learn the mechanics.Buy Blade and Soul Gold  If you cant, grind and level up. how to kill enemies with 9000+hp only whit 40 ap , thats insane this game just became unfriendly whit low lvl ppl i think im going to unistall. Eerrr it's easy to kill them lol. I have no problem killing low level bosses with that AP. Lol. He just started the game...dude read a guide or something, that is a world boss you dont just solo it, unless you got the skill for it . Are you talking about world bosses? Those are a joke. Created a new character and so far I was able to solo all field bosses. Make sure you replace your weapon with a better one when available... (duh..)

Will you be implementing weapon skin wardrobe in the future? Or add more storage spaces for collecting weapon skins? I suggested that in of the topics on the forum, they said they will actually pass it on. I think we will get a weapon wardrobe eventually. Sometimes You can vote 4 it via game OR bns main website, dont miss it! Dawid Owca thanks :) I will keep an eye out for it.