BNS buff Destroyers

This!! My game has been so choppy lately. pffft, i dont experience lags or disconnection, maybe u need to upgrade your system. for me the game works fine,it`s a computer problem,upgrade it! The fact that you, the game works is nice, but I have a 600ms ping and I, and lately quite often, no other game except BnS not so miserable connected me to play on the Korean server probably would like to play better in Seoul, I measured only 310ms.When I test to Frankfurt 17ms. Buy Blade and Soul Gold Windows and my current drivers. hey blade and soul, give us back the first anniversary coins, there are people who couldnt farm enough of them coz of work and so on, especially for those who are back to the game like me. we need that gem 35aps please. Don't fix anything, unbalances in everything, unthoughts in everything but hey at least you get A+ for extortion, better and better every month.

Travis Lauffer remember to contact support after this to get your outfit since you already renewed. Hello admin, could you do me a favor and buff Destroyers? Thanks. Please make Tormented weapon drop more in 6man. Most people that can do 4man don't even need it anymore. So stupid.Cheap Blade and Soul gold i just found out in a international group for bns that a SEA server will be handled by Garena how true is this? 2/22/2017 2 hr. 15 min down time its going on 2 hr. and 25 min. your late pick up the pace. I don't think I can access the f10 with 2500 ms fix the servers . Yea u need to get 1 year premium.

Don't need it xDDDDDD, look ugly as hell, waiting for the new costume. NYUUUGEN WHAT'S THE NEW ONE? =OOOO. How can I know xddd, wait for them to reveal here. wasnt the samurai the new one. Yes, Samurai is the new one. Just as ugly in my opinion... No chocolate heart from daily challenge like previous events either, i.e. Golden seeds, Snowflake crystals, 1st Anniversary coins. They want you to buy from bundles.

CHOCO hearts: Just a thought of your ongoing maintenince. When it comes to RNG choco I really feel you should make it at least a guranteed 60choco heart before March  

Buy Blade and Soul Gold 1. Because the feels and frustration people get who still have like less than 30 and it just 1 week til event ends. Some solutions would be nice. Like either you could extend the event for another month? Och make rng to be doeble with 60hearts or even put a NC/HMcoins buy bundle that has like 40hearts(making you money at same time if its you aim win win) bundle if need 21days of the event = guranteed 60hearts anyway. I will link 1 example from forum and i seen even alot topics and post of it. It abit shame with its about valentines with happeness and hearts fcourse. Some ppl mignt not be able to buy for real cash or even has alts to try get some choco which can still be bound. Here is link.