Blade and Soul PvE content

If you make at least 50 gold a day you make few hundred a week. I dont play any other games except bns right now which is why i have so much time. dafuq we jsut had a stream sayinguognna slow don patches foudnry has just been added with 3 upgrades and ure already goign to the next rank.Blade and Soul Gold I messed up unpacking to my alt and unpacked my dailydash event coins into my alt my mistake Im not doing event on my alt I need the coins for my main and this BNS website is down when i try to log in. So I cant ask for help through a ticket. That's like 20 coins I need on my main not my alt. STILL Cant log in to B&S NcSoft website says error somehting went wrong on our end.

Something went wrong on our end. Please try again in a few minutes.well poodle grind 140 mroe coins onto thaht char and buy a diamond :P they re tranferrable anwyays and with thaht i mean the diamond  Buy Blade and Soul Gold. lol i wish I am only level 41 on that character. I cant do many of the dungeons yet. I sent a ticket maybe they will help me. If not I just grind for coins as much as I can on that chracter as well. Se viene' lo cuervooooo, se viene' lo cuervo' locoooooo
Muh darkness! Muh Vengeance! Can you see it, Cricket? This is the true power! Beyond the puny "Master" Hong... Lol still the same old blade and soul..... Upgrade weapons over and over. yeah thats like in every mmorpg game? get used to it.

Just let it die. You did everything wrong managing the game. What's wrong with the game ? Nothing. The Ncsotf mannaging is what is a clusterfuck. They should fire that stupid game manager. game seems fine to me. stop bitching like we have gameforge or nexon or aeia running the show. they are 10 times worse. Nice with the new patch.! But guys should i stop leveling my weapon higher than true profane? half of the players in the eu, there is still a legendary weapon or accessory, and they already provide a new path, stupidity. I know but half is not baleful / seraph, not to mention the accessories, so what is the meaning of. Hopefully Korea will release some info soon, but either way, we'll have to wait few months. Why are people so hungry for this class? Rapid updating ruined this game because players didnt have enough time to grind for the gear, and thus it became "p2w"

Worst than summoner? Stvarno NisamJa this is NOT a pay to win game. More like pay for some convenience. George Phantasm Galatanu I think you should wait to see how Blade and Soul handles the class. They've done an outstanding job with all the others. Same here stopped playing bns for that reason. Waiting for that gunner class i always like ranged classes so i refuse to play until they realese that class so i can jump back in ! Stvarno, I understand there's a lot of good PvE content that has come out recently and planning to come out, but I myself play strictly for the PvP aspect. Not that I'm trying to rush anything, it'd just be nice to get some info out about it, and the sooner it comes out, the sooner the gunner mains can learn their class and get involved in the PvE and PvP scene!