ffxiv 3.0 relic safe

I might jump on once the kids are asleep tonight. I'll hit you up if I get on. Wonder if I can catch up to Storm blood in that time. I SENT YOU THE RETURN EMAIL. nvm i dont have the game for pc yet so id have to play on my ps4. thx for free login (will resub when SB release ) Patiently waiting on arr and hw bundle sale. Can some one teach me how can I download from play store at ps 4.  FFXIV Gil  Stormblood is fast approaching, and today we've updated the official site with information on Ala Mhigo and Doma, the two new jobs, red mage and samurai, and much more. We've also added a host of new screenshots and illustrations, transforming the site into a spectacular treat for the eyes.

Cant wait to grind for a relic weapon that takes months and tons of resources to complete just so it can be obsolete by a patch weapon thats takes 2 raids to get. James so what youre saying is that relic weapons aren't obsolete overtime and that my statement of them losing value is an opinion? Lol what a fucking pelican. Hey man, no one is making you get the relic weapon. Cheap FFXIV Gil  Hey man, no one is making you get the relic weapon. Value is based person to person, so it actually is an opinion.You butt hurt? Oh gosh something continuously challenging with the previous expansion that they made useful in New expansions by turning it in for a new weapon boo hoooo.

Hes right though, its a very stale formula that they have been doing for years. Take your negativity elsewhere, you whiny man-child. Welcome to iLvL based mmorpgs, what a shcoker that the most powerful weapon will be obsolete in a future patch/expansion. Actually relic weapons in 14 never go obsolete because if you played the game and weren't a whiny bitch you'd learn the relic weapon from 2.0 carried over and became a new relic weapon or made it easier to obtain the 3.0 relic safe to say the same will happen with 4.0. How about playing the catchup game for two months after hitting max level just so you can start on the current expansion... James and Nick so triggered lmao. It's straight facts, don't get so butt hurt.