Heroes of the Storm for FFXIV

You only see the name at the bottom of the page, not the character. Yeah, it didn't pop up until I got off the site for a while, its working fine now, thanks. This question has probably been asked before (a lot). I'm in search of a new MMORPG and wondering if I can catch up if I buy this game?  FFXIV Gil  On PC btw. Hi, depends how much time you have available. They have sped up leveling quite abit, so getting to lv60 would be doable, the main story could be possible to complete also if you only focus on that. As for an MMO, I would highly recommend this, in my opinion this has been the best MMO released in along time, which gets better as time goes on.

Thank you for the response! I'm downloading the client right now. I'm a PVE healer kind of person, so white mage it is. Concerning the servers, a found some (old) posts that for end game raid en population Odin is a good server for English speaking players. Is that still correct?Buy FFXIV Gil  They made a change recently so you can form parties across servers so it doesn't matter nearly as much which server you join. I would advise just joining which ever chaos server is open at the time. Moogles and Shiva are unofficial French and German servers though. Cross server is a very nice change. My French and German is not really good so I'll stay away from those two and pick another one. See you guys ingame!

I can't recommend Zodiark enough. super chill people, cool FCs, mostly English speaking. See you in a dungeon . Qi'm on Shiva and have no problems with speaking only English. I've only once come across a person on there that spoke no English and wanted to ask me questions haha. I've play on a few servers, everyone is friendly and I doubt you would encounter any issues on any server with only speaking English. I currently playing on Lich, which I think has quite a high population and most speak English from my experience. I just started playing 2-3 weeks ago and am already nearing lvl 50 (whilest taking my time, enjoying the story, and not rushing through stuff). It's a great game that's easy for newbies, but still challenging for vets. I don't know how they've struck that middle ground that so many other MMO's can't find, but it's actually pretty amazing.

The community is actually the best online game community that I've ever seen. Everyone on reddit is super helpful (without shaming on you if you don't know something 'obvious'), pug groups are surprisingly common and not shunned, and people seem to always be ready to help someone in need. I've never seen an MMO like it, truthfully. I'm glad to be supporting them!In short, you'll have no problem catching up in time. Also, if you're on Faerie, I hope to see you around! Girl in armor on top right looks like Tenishia from 1.x 😃 I wasn't around back then but I watched some playthroughs on youtube awhile ago. It's a little hard to see, but that samurai on the left near the lady in red kinda looked like Varian Wrynn...