FFXIV Brags about FFXIV content

Brags about XI content but can't even spell it right lol. XI will always be a genre of it's own. However OLD XI is what was better. XI now is just becoming more and more like XIV, probably in hopes people will transition. Take the nostalgia glasses off. It's nothing like it used to be and THAT is what made it superior. took time to adjust to 4ppl pt. i was like, how could we kill a m0b with 4 ppl? 5 ppl was better. now i feel just fine. 90%+ have cancelled their accounts. cheap FFXIV gil  The developers didn't cater to what 90%+ want. I love it when people pull percentages and opinions as facts out of their asses. Lmao claims 14 doesn't have a ff feel but says 11.was the best despite 11 being it's own genre not like any of the other ff games that made the series famous. But by means keep trying to tell us how bad 14 is compared to your logic.

 Someone's sad he couldn't get the D sooner. That's what happens when the majority of the community as casuals and you can't even have something as necessary as a dps parser without getting bans :^) Or, you know, we could recognize it should have been out ages ago and still be happy that it's finally happening. if final fantasy xiv was called "eden of eternity" or Buy FFXIV Gil  something random it would be f2p by now. it's in the current p2p model because of brand name. the game is lacking, but the butthurt fanboys keeps giving excuses for stuff that shouldn't take 3 years to be patched.

I'm ready to spell BAD before leaving a Party Finder "clear" party so they know how I felt about their play. writing BAD in DF groups is gonna be fun.  I remember having to use Garuda as a marker in T8 way back when .We all just want the D square.   We can finally spell "BAD" in 24 man raids now..yay! Haven't they been giving us the D for years now. So it's A,B,C and triangle???? Why not just use D???

That must be why I occasionally have to wait in queue while logging in on one of the least populated worlds on the EU datacenter.  How about u guys help the ppl that r haveing troubles trying to login/get there accounts going again . U guys r a pain to deal with.