YRYM HT BB grill mat makes clean up easier


I love YRYM HT BB grill mat. I bought two different brands last year and they didn't hold up very well and were a pain to clean. The Aoocan mats protect my grill, help my food cook evenly, and clean up much easier. Plus, they come in a 5-pack. We just used it, and it seems very good, food doesn't stick at all. So far, everything I have grilled on these mats has turned out great: chicken fajitas, steak, and mushrooms to mention a few.

I grill with the non stick grill mat, a lot, at least 4 times a week. So, keeping the grill clean is always a chore. I've used another brand of  non stick grill mat (as seen on TV) but after a while they don't clean well, the food sticks and the mat starts to fray. Not so with the Aoocan Gold Grill Mat Set! I love them!! The food doesn't stick, the sauce doesn't cause flare-ups and cleaning is a breeze! Who knows, I may start grilling even more. The mat almost works as advertised. It does limit the sticking which is the #1 reason I bought it... However, on an infared grill (have not tried on other) the grill lines do not come through... which at times is all in the presentation... Also, since the grease does not hit the heat, the smoke flavors do not happen... almost like pan frying. HOWEVER, veggies are great and have not had an issue with sticking.

I have bought BBQ grill mat at least 15 of these over the last 2 years. Not because they wear out but because i used them everywhere and have given some to family. I put them in the gas oven, the toaster oven and of course the grill. I bought so many because i am lazy and they are cheap lol. They do have the tendency to get holes from repeated use at high heat ie the grill so i just toss them and buy more. Clean up is so easy. Try! For the price you can't lose. At the least you can return them! Pretty cool worth the buy. Wasn't sure it would work but I'm beyond amazed at how easy this is. Easy to cook and easy to clean. Highly recommend it. This is my second purchased as a gift for my cousin. Highly recommend it.

Great my husband loves it to cook on the grill it makes it so much easier and nothing sticks to it! These item is amazing. I did some grilling a came out perfect, food wont get stuck on the paper and cook perfectly. Great item!!! Will recommend. I will be using these from now on. The food still tasted the same. Plus...the extra bonus...clean up was great. Everyone needs to have these. These are great. Meat takes a little longer to cook, but it doesn't dry out like conventional grilling. And clean up is definitely a breeze!