smoking brisket was tender and juicy with butcher paper

I smoked a brisket with the butcher paper and it turned out great.. and will continue to wrap all of my briskets going further! Smoked our first brisket and used this paper as directed and it worked perfectly and as advertised. Wonderful product. The butcher paper is wonderful. Very high quality and excellent value. Great product, keeps the bark on the meat crunchy and not soggy like foil does. Brisket came out moist on the inside and crispy on the outside. awesome product, worked great on my smoker when I did my brisket burnt ends, totally worth it.

After reading all the chatter online about using butcher paper instead of aluminum foil to wrap brisket on my new Gateway Drum Smoker, I thought I would give it a try. My 10 pound brisket cooked in a little over 4 hours using a hot and fast approach at 300 degrees. 2 hours into the cook, I wrapped the brisket with brown Butcher Paper. Cooked for just over another two hours to an internal temp 0f 205. I pulled the brisket and wrapped some more with the Pink Butcher Kraft Paper and put the brisket in a cooler for another 4 hours. To the astonishment of my family, they loved the brisket. I found the paper very useful in my first effort on this cooker. The brisket was tender and juicy, I made burnt ends with the point and sliced up the flat. With this paper I could certainly pull the brisket sooner and allow it to sit in a cooler as it will come up to temp. for eating hours later.

Wrapped my first brisket in the brown butcher paper over the weekend and it worked perfectly. Assisted in pushing it through the stall but did not heat the meat up too quickly like I have had happen with foil. I used three layers and the outer layer stayed fairly dry while the inner two layers were totally saturated in goodness. Use it for smoking works great for keeping Temp and holding it for few hours in the cooler for resting periods will order again lol.

What i love about it is that it helps keep meat moist all over even when you have the meat resting. Normal foil lets the juice run to the bottom where the paper does not! Great Product! Worked like it was suppose to, a lot better to me than foil as it allows the meat to breath while it cooks, soaks up some of the rendered fat...around really happy with it. I laid two long peices next to each other (overlapped about 6”) then wrapped The brisket like a butcher would. From product to seller service, all I have are big smiles and delicious memories! I've used the butcher paper a couple of times, and it was amazingly as advertised.