YRYM HT BBQ grill mat is great for grilling and BBQ

I love my YRYM HT BBQ grill mat and won't bake things such as cookies without it. I never even once thought about using it on the grill since at times my Komodo style grill hits over 600-degrees (i.e. sometimes when I don't want it to if I'm not extremely vigilant). I'm pretty sure my Silpat would deteriorate, or worse burn up, from grill use so I just often use other methods like such as a plate-setter between the super hot coals and whatever fish, fowl, or meat. For veggies and delicate things I use either a perforated pan or basket depending on what would work best. Now, however, I can use the BBQ grill mat to BBQ! This really works quite nicely on so many things and can even impart a little bit of a crust on the outer edge which is nice.

We have gas BBQ and these say when using you can grill on the mats up to 500 degrees, but not with a flame under the mats. Umm, what is that possible? It's a BBQ, a flame is required to grill...right? Well basically, can’t let flame hit it. This means watching the flame height when grilling so no walking away to do other things. You'll need to babysit the grill a bit during use. You can use these in the oven to line pans too.

I liked the non stick grill mat and then decided to use it baking cookies inside and I was really pleased as the bottom of my sugar cookies had enough of a crisp thin crust but they were close to the white tops...more so than my beloved Silpat which gets the bottoms just a smidge brown for the same time and temperature. Now...I'm sold out of the gate on the use and I find these are no problem to clean. I really can not say about durability. Their thin build seems strong enough, but it these might get some pretty high temps at times and I really wonder if they'll deteriorate? I'll address this issue as only it can be which is to use them often and in time report back. For now I'm giving them a 4.5 star recommendation as another tool to make your BBQ days easier and more versatile.

My hubby likes to use them, and they work as well as aluminum without the waste. He also likes how they are reusable and easy to clean with soap and water.