I love YRYM HT BBQ grill mats

I love YRYM HT BBQ grill mats, I use them 2- 4 times a week every time I cook on the grill. If you cant tell I use the grill as often as possible. I have sop far cooked pork chops, steak, sword fish and salmon all multiple times as well as and some veggies in teriyaki sauce. This non stick grill mat is excellent. I have noticed cooking time need to be adjusted as well as temperatures just a bit to make up for the presence of the mat. I do still after a bit of experimentation get great grill lines and tasty evenly cooked food. I have had my salmon stick just a bit to the mat but I had over cooked it just a bit on that one occurrence. Also bring a spatula with you as well as tongs aren't always enough. the food doesn't stick to the BBQ grill mat but some times with the juicier proteins the liquid will make a suction and you need to hold the mat down while you flip the food. I also love that I can take the mat after each use and clean it with hot soapy water in the sink so effectively my grill surface is always clean., I am really glad I bought these and I think my dad is buying a set very soon after hearing about mine.

No more mess and drips on the grill! Food cooked perfectly even amd the mats were even an jnstsnt clean up in the sink! Great purchase! I have never used the grilling mats before. I must say I am very impressed. What have I been doing all these years? No grill gunk, perfectly grilled steak. It basically cooks in it's own juice. I grilled with fresh peppers along with wings. This is just what we wanted and received, first time cooking went great, nothing stuck to the mat, easy clean up, the best part was I did not have to spend time using a metal brush to clean the grill grates when done if still cooking the traditional way without using the YRYM HT Grill Mat, which is a plus and time saver. Thank you for an awesome product, I will be ordering more for family members for Christmas gifts that are useful and needed!!! Thanks again.

Excited to try this product out, but had a couple of issues. First off tried this for the first time grilling a ribeye steak. First thing i noticed was that it didnt leave the grill marks that I like to see on my steaks, but I really liked how it didnt stick to the grill and was very easy to flip. The biggest and most worryome thing was as my steak was cooking the grease that accumulated on the mat caught fire adn actaully melted the mat a little. Seeing how this is supposed to reduce flare ups this was a big issue I can see being a problem using again in the future. Not sure what to expect when I cook chicken since that tends to produce more grease. On the plus side it was still very easy to clean.