how to eliminate flair up for grilling

I was concerned the miracle grill mat would not hold up well with heat. I was pleasantly surprised when it did. I was cool to cook veggies and shrimp as well as steaks and burgers on it. Grill did not flair up as much as it usually did. This is a good product. Wish it came in blue or gold like the picture but it works. Less mess to clean up the grill when done. I like the miracle mat. I don't like the fact that I have to leave a review to be "eligible" for a $50 gift card based on my purchase. However, this is my comment. Please verify my email. Better, thicker and overall happier with these than others I bought before this. I’ll be back for more goodies!

This non-stick grill mat set is so awesome. I never knew they made these things. I was tired of cleaning my grill. I bought this in faith that it would work as stated. It’s over the top as my most important grilling accessory. The food comes out browned, grilled to perfection. I use it for grilling chicken, meat and veggies. Yummy. Will be using this all winter because easy to clean and does a super job!! it works however not exactly as I expected. If your grilling something creating a juice the mat gets all the liquid on mat and doesn't really grill as expected...then I see all the non-stick grill mat set being advertised are so much less expensive I feel I overpaid ....

Have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by the non-stick grill mat set, they didn't leave dark grill lines, but they worked and made cleanup a snap, will be looking forward to using these a lot during this grilling season. Bought the miracle grill mat as a gift for Christmas. Looking forward to seeing how happy my husband will be. So tired of using Pam spray for the grill and the cleaning. Small sheets but perfect for grilling nightly dinner. I've purchased several other brands of grill mats. This one is the best by far and great customer service and follow up. Recommend and I would purchase from this company again.

This miracle grill mat is awesome. Food cooks really fast and they're extremely easy to clean. I've tried several other brands even the copper type; these are so much better. Great product. I have been using silicone grill mats for over 2 years. I have purchased them at Bed Bath and Beyond and in Kitchen Specialty stores. Until I bought these, I did not realize how much of a difference the thickness of the mat affected results. Much better for cooking AND CLEANING. Just started using these and work well. The last ones I got from a different manufacturer just did not last . Peeled and were hard to clean, so hopefully these will last!