review of miracle grill mat

This is a repeat buy of YRYM HT non stick grill mat set because I liked them so much! I wanted to have a non stick grill mat set at home and a set at our cabin. They are much sturdier than the average grill mat, which makes them easier to clean and store.  I've purchased these and am way more than impressed with every aspect of their performance....I originally had intended to buy new "Grates" for my disintigrating and almost completely rusted out grill...but desided to try and limp it through last year with these miracle grill mat...well that old grill still stands ( barely) and I've used these 3 to 4 times aweek for well over a year and a half and counting....invest in will not be sorry..thickest non stick grill mats I've seen..let them cool a little then easily clean for next cookout.

The miracle grill mat worked amazing well! We used them on our gas grill to cook steak and couldn't believe how well they browned and all the juice was there to poor over the meat if you wanted. They did seem to cook a bit faster than. Can't wait to try them with vegetables. A great purchase. Highly recommend. I was amazed at how well these mats work! I've only used them once but everything turned out perfect and there was no mess to clean up. I'm looking forward to using them every weekend and update my review with those results. So far so great. I know what I'm getting my friends for Christmas!

The non stick grill mat set is great. They keep the grates clean. Figuring out how to wipe them off is a challenge but overall they're great. I bought the non stick grill mat set  as a gift last Christmas and they were good enough that I bought myself a pair for this summer. Amazing product! Love not having to clean my grill every time I want to use it. Just clean the grill Matt & im ready to go! Great product & buy! It wonderful product- ideal for sale; contract with a brand name grill and give small samples with purchase, this may entice one to purchase a full size mat. Loved the mats. Work just like they said they would. Recommend them to engineering grill. Good investment.

The miracle grill mat Looks like it will do the job superbly, though I haven't used it yet. Went to cook some burgers and my grill won't light properly, have to get that fixed! I was surprised how well the mat worked and how easy it was to clean. I have used cheaper mats in the past and they did not work or clean nearly as well. Great product. The thickness of the mats are far superior to the thinner ones. Using the miracle grill mats, I find that I can turn the gas down quite a bit and still achieve grill marks. The mats seem to hold in the heat, enabling you to be able to turn down the gas and achieve the same result. Would suggest this product to anyone wanting to keep grill cleanup to a minimum.