review of YRYM HT non stick grill mat set

I Received the YRYM HT non stick grill mat set this past week and had the opportunity to use one; I am impressed. I love to grill vegetables on the YRYM HT miracle grill mat. It is fun to grill meat and vegetables together. I also grilled pineapple chunks with brown sugar and little cinnamon. My family enjoy grilling a complete meal on the grill mats. Seem to be sturdy and I was able to cut one in half so I can cook on the mat or the grill. I will update this review when I actually use them.
Update: After I used the non stick grill mat set I can say I really like it. It browned my pork well and cleanup was a breeze. Cleaned it under hot water with a sponge and soap easily. Very sturdy and durable. Wash up great. Highly recommend this one over the cheaper versions. I have used it for the first time on some whole sea bass and used garlic butter to heat up on the mat (this is something you cant do on a grill) and it browned the fish perfectly - then all I had to do was wipe it clean. I've used them for chicken, burgers and grilled veggies with success. The price and quality is better than the competition. Will buy when I need them next time.The miracle grill mat has changed the way I grill. I LOVE these!!!!!!!! No flare ups that burn my food, easy clean up, and a more evenly distributed temperature. I had just spent three hours doing the annual cleaning of the grill when I saw the Kona mats on Amazon so decided to try them. I can't believe they work so well. Not only do they keep the grill clean, but are actually wonderful for grilling. Very pleased with this product!

So far the YRYM HT non stick grill mat set is everything they were advertised to be. So far so good, mats have worked excellent since we received them. We know another couple that bought orange mats (not sure what brand they were) and they were horrible after the second use. We have used these a dozen times and still work like when they were new. Works great and cleans easily. We used the mats for steak and burgers and loved the results. They cooked well and nothing sticks to them. Recommended to our friends and they ordered them also. Great purchase - turns your grill into a flat top with the added benefit of not losing grill marks or vegetables.

Works great on my Weber Q2200. Keeps all that grease from getting on gas tubes, and yet I still get nice grill marks! Quality construction. Great product. Thick enough so the mat doesn't sag between the bars on the BBQ grate. Cooked salmon with a sauce. The carbonized sauce wiped right off the mat and the grill stayed clean. I love the mats. I was skeptical at first but now I'm a believer. Don't know how I lived without them. It helps keep my grill clean. I love how easy they clean and how nicely they keep my grill clean as well how wonderful my food tastes now. Product arrived quickly and as described. Looking forward to using this for summer grilling to preserve taste rather than letting all the juice fall down into the grate.