Miracle grill mat makes cleanup was a breeze

I bought two sets of YRYM HT miracle grill mat, one for my daughter and one for me They work great! I grilled zucchini, pineapple, peppers and sweet potatoes on the sheets. Everything turned out great! I will definitely be grilling more thanks to these. Great find for sure. They just arrived this afternoon.....washed them and they're ready to go into the grill.....now all I need is some good weather to do some grilling and checking these out....they look awesome.....should make clean up easy !!! 7 year warranty.......how can you go wrong with that and some great reviews speaks for itself and that's why I chose YRYM HT grill mats in the first place.

My daught used the miracle grill mat to grill chicken. Temperature got up to 600 and the chicken turned out perfectly crispy. Cleanup was a breeze. However, a slight grease film remained, even after washing with hot water and soap. I love them!! I use them to grill everything now, veggies, burgers, chops, chicken and steak!! So easy to use and easy to clean!! Revolutionary!! It works really well. Although you do need to be careful on the temputure. We were grilling some steaks and heated the grill up with the mat inside. When the steaks were cooking some of the fat must've been too hot. So it was slightly warped in an area. However now we just heat the grill then put the mat down. Unlike other mats this one is thicker and was very easy to clean. After repeated use the mat continues to be nonsticking and easy to clean.

I found out not to let the non stick grill mat overlay as they might stick together during use. I will cut them so they fit side by side. Great Customer service & follow-up on my questions. Just received my second order of YRYM HT miracle Grill mats. They work great and we love them. Just be careful they really work and get hot so watch your food and make sure you don't burn it. We are using these Grill Mats in our indoor Jennair grill. We have cooked steak, pork tenderloin, burgers and chicken. Cooks perfectly and cleanup is so simple as we just clean the mat and the grill does not have to be taken apart and cleaned. We are grilling 3 to 4 times a week in our kitchen! These are amazing! I wish I had ordered them two years ago when I got my grill. Everything we've made has come out perfectly, and cleanup is a breeze.

Awesome, awesome product! My first use with the miracle grill mat was breakfast.... Home fries with peppers and onions. Bacon and scrambled eggs, DELICIOUS! Everything truly had a different, but great taste, the bacon was outstanding! Now I will admit the scrambled eggs took some quick reflexes as they wanted to run off the mat. But I found by applying a small amount of egg and letting it harden a little before adding more egg worked well. Clean up was effortless. I cannot wait to use these again. I have a feeling I will be doing a lot of cooking on the grill from now on!! I absolutely love those mats. Everything that we have grilled on them so far have come out perfectly and the new grates that we recently purchased are still as clean as they were when we got them.