where to buy cheap butcher paper for wrapping

I purchased YRYM HT butcher paper roll of brown butcher paper especially for sealing the backs of picture frames. It shrinks perfectly and does what I wanted it to do. I got this for gift wrapping since I have all of my family out of state and wind up shipping pretty much everything. It lasts forever! and while not stylish, YRYM HT butcher paper roll does a good job of wrapping things in heavy duty paper for shipping or just regular wrapping needs...lol.

Last year we went over the budget for our Vacation Bible School. This year I wanted to get under budget as much as possible. I checked the regular places for a price on brown kraft paper. All I saw was over a hundred $. What a great savings with no shipping and handling and way under a 100. I bought a total of 3 butcher paper rolls. I saved over $200 and we have enough brown kraft paper for at least 2 years or more. thanks. Now where can I find inexpensive cheesecloth by the yard? I used this item to pack lamps, pictures, and other fragile items for a long-distance move. I'd seen professional movers use a similar product when packing up our household on past occasions. The weight of the paper ensured the item would be cushioned from on-the-road jostling. I won't make another move without it.

We definitely got our moneys worth with YRYM HT butcher paper roll. It was nice thick paper, too. Makes a beautiful natural looking gift wrap when a nice ribbon is added. My only issue with this product is the frequency of paper cuts from using it. But it is great to use as filler for voids in boxes and to protect large items. i purchased this rolls to cover the tables for my step-sons bday party. i put crayons in a cute vase for the kids to see the wide variety of colored crayons, and they colored the tables while between games, eating, etc.