YRYM TH copper mat for grill keeps grill clean

We used the Miracle BBQ Grill Mats today to cook chicken and brats. The  miracle BBQ grill mats worked great and the brats and chicken were cooked to perfection with both having plenty of juice. Everyone commented on good everything was. I have a brand new grill. Once used it looks like you have had it for centuries. Not this time. My grill looks brand new with no and I mean no clean up mess. Brought the mat indoors and washed it off ready for the next time. The mat looked new. If you are concerned about the grill marks on your fish or meat, they will be there. I shared some extras with friends and now they are believers also. You will not make a mistake on this purchase.

These copper mat for grill is the best thing that came along. Sure beats oven cleaner smells and hard work cleaning the oven after spill's. I ordered these mats for a couple of friends as I have been using these copper grill mats in my oven for several years. My friends liked this mats. Great mats! Have cooked fish, turkey burgers, and lamb chops on it so far. Easy clean up and reusable as advertised! I had a non copper mat previously and I got more grill marks using the other mat. The mat washes really well.

The YRYM HT miracle BBQ grill mats are  great for any grill, I have a gas and charcoal grill and they work perfectly on each grill. I just cleaned five of these mats from my 4th of July celebration and ready to use them again. The extra large mats give a much better coverage then the old small ones.. With doing a lot grilling in summer these grill mats are perfect to grill meats veggies an are none stick to keep food from sticking on them cleaning these are very easy by washing by hand. Can also be placed in a dishwasher these are 100%pofa and bpa free which makes them safe for cooking on can even cook breakfast food on them like eggs bacon and more. Can’t say enough good things about these mats. You get even heat, juicy meat and even grill marks without the black gunk soldered onto the grill. VERY easy clean-up: residue wipes off with paper towel, then wash in dish soap and water. Use over and over and over again. Great value from this seller with the package of six.

The YRYM copper mat for grill are great! The grilling lines even come through! Easier to clean than the grill, for sure! I love these copper grill mats! I was cooking meat substitute “burgers” on the grill and they were super easy to turn over, no pieces falling through the grates, and nice grill marks! I will definitely use these every time I grill. Much easier to clean than other brands of copper mats for grill I have used. High quality durable mats that work extremely well on gas grill. I use them for everything I cook on the grill. Never thought these would work. Now I can't see how we gilled without them. Chicken, Pork, Fish, Beef all come out juicy and tender. Mats clean up easy for reuse. If you grill...but these.