review of YRYM HT butcher wrapping paper for smoking

I received YRYM HT butcher wrapping paper just in time for thanksgiving baking. I have used butcher wrapping paper for many years for things like cream puffs and some cookies (like sugar cookies) that I want to have even coloring. I also use it under things that might bubble over in the oven, like certain pies and casseroles, and when reheating pizza and other stuff like that. I used to use foil on some of these things. But, that can lead to uneven baking and things can stick to it. Also, foil is a no no in the microwave. When I started to use butcher wrapping paper, I couldn't believe how much I would love it. With butcher wrapping paper, everything bakes evenly, there's even coloring, can be used in the microwave, and it makes your pans non stick. Of course, clean up is a breeze!

If you do a lot of baking, butcher wrapping paper is a God send. Yes, it may seem like an extra expense, but, my time and energy are worth it! There was one thing that was a minor annoyance. butcher wrapping paper tended to cut unevenly and tear from the box and when I used scissors, I couldn't cut a straight line. Now, Reynolds Genuine butcher wrapping paper has solved this problem! Although it still can tear crooked, there are grids on it that help you cut a straight line. The lines aren't inked in. It is white on white almost “woven" in. So there's not a worry of getting ink onto your baked goods. It seems this butcher wrapping paper is a smidgen thinner than the old butcher wrapping paper. But, it does not affect the performance at all. To me, Reynolds upped the butcher wrapping paper game. I truly recommend it.

I use butcher wrapping paper for baking cookies or biscuits. It is easy to use and very easy for clean up. Just pick up sheet to transfer to a cooling tray so you don't have to touch the HOT food.. With butcher wrapping paper, food doesn't stick to pan or paper so clean up is easy because the pan has no or very little clean up required. Reynolds butcher wrapping paper is a natural, high density paper with a non-stick coating. It's oven safe up to 420°F. Bakers everywhere love butcher wrapping paper because it delivers better baking results, with less clean up and easy transfer from pan to cooling rack.

I have never used butcher paper roll before,didn't know what it was used for until now.Luckily I selected this product complimentary as a Walmart Spark reviewer.My daughter wanted to try a new cookie recipe she checked out.We prepared the cookie batter for the Strawberry Thumbprint cookies.Then we applied the butcher wrapping paper to our cookie sheet.The cookies were a success,thanks to my daughter's following the recipe exactly and our butcher wrapping paper.The cookies didn't stick easy to remove.Our cookies were awesome.I love Strawberry Thumbprint cookies and Reynolds wrap butcher wrapping paper.This is a must have for baking.Protected my cookie sheet,eliminating a mess.Cleanup was a cinch.A must have for a baker or novice as myself.