butcher wrapping paper is a must have for smoking brisket

I use YRYM HT butcher wrapping paper to make templates, not to wrap cuts of meat. It suits my needs and am sure it works additionally for it's intended use. Bought for wrapping paper and unlike a lot of the cheap stuff on here it didn’t rip once through several presents! The color is pleasing and the size was perfect for what I was looking for. Good price, quick shipping. Use this paper to wrap pork butt roasts or beef brisket after they’ve been on the smoker for an hour or so. Works great! It was exactly what I wanted and the price point was great. Delivered on time and packaged to prevent damage. Used it on some ribs and it performed perfectly.
Seems identical to other 24x150 paper I've bought and this is a much cheaper price than what I paid elsewhere. I never thought of using brown butcher paper to help assist with smoking brisket, but now I will use it all of the time. I’ll be back when I run out. The paper is exactly what I needed to wrap up and smoke a brisket. Good size for the price too! I worked as a Butcher out of Albertsons for a year and a half, and I was always impressed with the quality the paper had when it came to storing meats. I was looking for something of similar quality (as I started doing my own cuts at home) and am very pleased with this product. This roll of brown butcher paper is perfect! I’ve used it for sub prints as well as wrapping meat to freeze.

NEW USE: Gift wrap! I have been using this kind of butcher wrapping paper for years. Nice bright white, won't rip when you are folding the sides. Add pretty ribbon & you are good to go. Worked perfectly for finishing my 13 pound brisket in a smoker at 250 degrees. Next time I will purchase the 24 inch wide paper which would work better for such a large piece of meat, the only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5. I purchased to make book covers. Unfortunately it is transparent and the book color shoes through. I thought it would be like the brown butcher paper but it is much thinner.

Now I don’t have much experience with butcher wrapping paper but this roll of paper arrived quickly as promised. It is the perfect thickness, I use it under my ceramic pieces while I glaze and the drips and drops that occur do not leak through. Very happy. I wanted to get away from plastic bags to freeze my meat and this butcher paper fit the bill. Nice and heavy and easy to use. If I wanted to I could use it for craft items as well. Good product. I purchased the Kraft butcher paper specifically to line all my kitchen shelves and drawers. I am also using it in dresser drawers as well. Easier to work with than regular shelf liners, and more cost effective. I like to change out liners twice a year, and this is much easier to place and replace.