Miracle BBQ grill mats make no flare ups and easy clean up

I've used YRYM HT miracle BBQ grill mats about 6 or 7 times so far. I've had no early durability issues, no difference of taste and clean up is very easy. I wash it off with warm water and take a sponge with dish soap and clean it off. takes about a minute or two. I've used this with salmon, chicken, hamburgers and steaks. I bought these because I've used heavily used the grill I have for the last 4 years and instead of buying a new one due to much wear I decided to try these. I'm glad I did. I was skeptical at first, but with the money back guarantee I gave it a shot. You can't go wrong with these mats....unless you disregard the instructions.

I've used YRYM HT grill cooking mat A LOT (3-4 times a week) and the mat is still holding up well. I must say though, in the interest of being honest.....it's starting to show signs of wear in 2 spots and on those two spots the material in thinning out and I can see distinctive shapes of grill marks on those two wear patches. Clean up is still easy, still no funky plastic taste that I was afraid I might get. I turn on my gas grill, put the mat on it, when it hits 500 degrees on the grill I put my food on it. I wish I had bought this years ago. My rating still stands because I still have another one I haven't used yet, so I'm glad they came with 2 and I have no idea if they were meant to be used as much as we use them. 3-4 times a week for over 4 months at temps of 500-600 degrees is a lot of wear and tear and at some point the mats will start to break down....I mean they never claimed they were indestructible.

I will be trying YRYM HT miracle BBQ grill mats out this evening --- doing up boneless chicken breast & Andouille sausage. They are much sturdier than the flimsy ones I first purchased! - I should have checked out YouTube first!!! YRYM HT Best Miracle BBQ Grill Mats (TM) _Heavy Duty this is a great product, No scrubbing the grill after using this mat. Just set it in warm water with soap, and soak a while and wash and dry-it is that is easy! works so well and we are truly happy with it. I have only cooked steakes & chicken & I get grill marks on the steakes or chicken. I cooked the steaks for 4min on high on each side & the chicken I let sit for 7min before turning all on high heat. I finally took the mats off to get the grill marks.

Received the grill cooking mat and used right away! Worked as advertised! Meat cooked evenly and quickly. No flare ups and easy clean up. Ordering more for our second grill and family! I bought these for my husband as a suggestion from a friend who had bought several. They work like they say and the cleanup is easy. Haven't tried your suggestions for cookies. Great for keeping flames from occurring. Keeps juices surround meat instead of draining to bottom of grill. I've been grilling for my family for years now and this just replaced the countless rolls of tin foil we have been purchasing for ever. Great product. I used them for the first time last week while grilling steaks and ribs. The meats came out perfectly cooked and juicy. The YRYM HT grill mats performed flawlessly. I look forward to many more tasty cookouts using these mats.