smoked brisket came out moist and tender with butcher wrapping paper

I heard from friends and other smokers about YRYM HT butcher wrapping paper. went out and bought it right away, I used it that fallowing weekend. 100% worth the money spend. I marinated my meat in it first, then cooked and finished my smoke with it wrapped. I did double wrap it just cause it was a huge brisket(not always needed). turned out so amazing, I will never use foil again. plus the delivery and price of YRYM HT butcher wrapping paper is a no brainer! I purchased the Pink Butcher paper to wrap my first smoked brisket in my wood pellet smoker. I read online how others successfully used this method so I thought I would try it. I couldn't be more pleased with the results and will use this paper each time I smoke brisket. Smoked brisket turned out great! The paper arrived quickly and was in perfect condition. YRYM HT butcher paper is perfect for my needs of wrapping large cuts of meat in the smoker, and at a great price too.

I have been smoking briskets for a while now. I learned about the brown butcher paper while in Texas checking out BBQ joints. When I went home to Alaska I could not find the butcher wrapping paper anywhere. I ordered online and it came quickly and exactly as described. When I run out I will be ordering again from this store. Great service,great products and the ebook was an awesome touch. This stuff is the ticket. Don't use foil. You'll be regarded as someone who knows what they are doing is you use this stuff on you pork or brisket. YRYM HT brown butcher paper is awesome. Let's the meat breathe but keeps the bark intact. Used it on beef ribs for my first time. No more foil for me ever. Once this gets low I'll be coming back to them for more.

YRYM HT butcher wrapping paper has many uses. I bought quarter size sheet pans and cut this paper oversize to line the pans for serving like the BBQ Restaurants in Texas and Kansas City do. It’s easy clean up. I also use this for wrapping my brisket the last six hours of smoking. This butcher wrapping paper is unwaxed so it can be used in the oven/smoker. My wife uses it to decorate folding tables by running it down the center of the tables and taping it to the table on both ends. It’s think, durable paper and leaves no aftertaste when used to cook. It will not disintegrate when used for long periods in oven. You will not be disappointed. used to retain moisture while smoking beef brisket.worked great! better than I have ever bought! ( the finished meat I mean).I will keep this paper on hand !

I did not use the brown butcher paper as it intended however, it worked out great. I used it to line my kitchen island for a grazing table. It held up and didn’t tear or leak. There wasn’t any transfer of anything on the food it touched. I will be purchasing again. I used this paper for the 1st time last Weekend to Smoke a Brisket. It turned out very well. The Brisket was everything I had hoped for. Juicy, Moist with just the right amount of Smoky flavor. Had a good Smoke Ring. Brown Butcher Paper will be a Staple in my Grilling Pursuits. Just what i needed and couldn't find local. Product came really fast and packaged well. Used it to wrap my brisket when I smoke. It worked really well!!! Briskets came out so good and moist.