Grill cooking mat keeps grill clean

YRYM HT grill cooking mat is thicker than the other grill mat. I use it for the 1st time in labor day weekend. Will update my review. I cam back from camping. I love love love it! I used it everyday. Amazing!! My review will be specific bec most reviews are very general.

Eggs: spray with a bit of oil. If you do not. It is harder to take out. It does not stick but because the surface is not flat- it's harder to remove cooked sunny side up egg w/o oil.

Bacon: it works also. Make sure you put the bacon on the middle part of the mat. The oil from bacon may fall off to the side of the mat and will to start fire and will ruin your grill cooking mat.

Pancakes: works also. I used1.5-2 inches in diameter pancakes. I used the ketchup/misturd dispenser. I cut the nozzle a few cm so i can just squeeze once and get similar sizes.

I made: korean bbq ribs, chicken satay also. They all worked very well. Negative: you need to wait about 10 mins to make sure the grill cooking mat is completely hot. If not, 1st batch of meat will not cook as good as the rest. You will have burn marks on the bottom Of the mat. - expected as some are parts of the grill may be at higher temp and may burn the mat.

I receive two miracle BBQ grill mats yesterday. 1 of them looks normal. One side of the other has something that looks like a defect. Little spot. It seems the coating on the mat came off on that spot. I'll send the image to YRYM HT and see what happens. Works great, food doesn't burn. Easy clean up. I've had cheaper miracle BBQ grill mats that didn't hold up prior to the YRYM HT Grill Cooking Mat; this one is far superior. Highly recommended! I used the grill mats the day I got them. They work great. I cooked 4 large split chicken breast on 1 sheet. They cooked the chicken breast beautifully and the outside was browned perfectly. They did clean off with a rag. I also used the mats for onions and mushrooms. I used to usually lose a mushroom or 2 (and the occasional hamburger). These were perfect to stop my loses. It worked great. This was a great purchase for cooking on the grill. Great product for the grill. Grilled chicken cooks evenly with no sticking and grease doesn't drip from chicken onto grill stones chichi causes flare ups and burnt chicken.

Easy to clean. Just allow to cool off, then wash with warm water and dish detergent. Any build up will quickly slide off after a few minutes of soaking. It is great the best thing I have ever purchased for keeping my grill clean. I highly recommend it. Works as advertised. You do get grill marks, the meat will also cook in its own juices and that allows the meat to be most but cooked. I love how the mat works, it did not come cut straight and was smaller than said I even contacted seller and the responded I did send the pictures showing how bad the where cut they didn't offer to exchange or anything. My son was able to cut the to where it would fit ok. Besides bad customer care and the product not cut right. the product works good. I have to tell you that in the past week I have grilled salmon, trout, chicken, vegetables and steak on one mat. They were either prepared with rubs, spices, or marinade. The mat was wonderfully surprising to say the least. You'll get more orders from friends of mine.