review of YRYM HT butcher paper roll

I purchased YRYM HT butcher paper roll as a clever/artistic way to cover an entire shelf of books (in my guest bedroom/office) that had mismatching colorful spines.
I already had brown Kraft paper but I felt all brown would be too drab.
The con of the brown paper (I already had) was it was so thick for the job that it's causing paperback book covers to be pulled ajar.
So that brings me to the pros and cons of this "White Kraft Arts and Butcher Paper Roll":

- Very malleable for covering various book cover materials and sizes.
- Easy to fold and did not tear.
- Was wide enough, at 18", to cover even my tallest resource books.
- A nice crisp, pure white color.
- Extremely sheer! But I managed to remedy that by cutting out an additional strip just wider than the width of the
book's spine to tuck in under the cover to act as a double layer which seemed to do the trick nicely.

Overall it was a minor inconvenience that was easily remedied and I was appreciative for how easily the paper folded and stayed laid down. I do enjoy the overall aesthetic of the books now.

In the pictures of a book closeup you'll be able to see where I folded the Kraft paper and where I added the second layer to the spine as it's more opaque than the center of the book cover where you can clearly see the title and cover image.

My wife used butcher wrapping paper to wrap presents with (she made snowmen). It was a little bit thin but we just double wrapped and it worked really well...or you could always use white boxes underneath. Overall the paper was great...durable and the kids loved the snowmen. I built a Craft Table for my grandkids for Christmas this year. The table features cups on one end to hold their crayons and colored pencils. Behind and below those cups is the White Kraft Arts and Crafts Paper roll. It comes with a plastic insert to allow for a shaft to hang from. The paper comes up through a slot in the table and is then held in place by slats on either end of the table. This enables the kids to pull out the desired amount of paper upon which to create their works of art. There are two shelves on the other end to hold books or other craft materials. The paper is perfect for the desired use. We'll get more when the kids burn through the first roll. Just bought that second roll and both the kids and parents love having it handy. Another perfect transaction too.

Lots of paper. Will last is a long time. Used it for wrapping paper and for crafts, drawing. Little too see they for wrapping but did the job. I bought this paper to wrap presents with and you can see right through it unless you’re wrapping a white box. But I’ll find so many other uses for it. I think this is currently the best value roll of craft paper I have seen. Works as described. Good for marker, crayon, and pencil primarily. The idea of a huge roll of paper seemed good at the time, but I have to [unevenly] cut a piece every time my daughter wants to paint or color. Next time, I'll probably go for a giant pad with thicker paper.