YRYM HT Grill Cooking Mat is Excellent for grilling Fish and veggies

Love, love YRYM HT barbecue grill mats. I grilled a whole grill full of shish ka bobs and they got really greasy. It was worth it to me just to toss them. But just regular family grilling is great. Use your spatula to push everything into one area when you’re finished and letting the grill. cool Use paper towels to wipe it up, then soak in hot soapy water in sink. I’m going to order 3 or 4 pkgs next time for when I get lazy and don’t want to spend the extra few minutes to clean them up. Really loved it. It cooked evenly and it still has the BBQ taste. One piece of advice take and clean the mat immediately, it's easier to clean. Great buy for grilling and no mess. Just add them on top rack of dishwasher and ready again for grilling. Arrived on time.

I was looking for a way to cook without the terrible mess. Bought YRYM HT barbecue grill mats for grilled fish and have used them for veggies as well. They are easy to use and clean. No more wasted messy foil! I would recommend these to anyone looking to grill delicate foods. These Grillaholic Grill Mats are excellent---even cooking, great tasting food, no flareup, and easy to clean! I highly recommend this product. These are very popular and I can see why. Great job grilling and clean up in an instant. great job of grilling without the usual grill cleaning job. Started using a similar product two years ago, and didn't have much luck with pad endurance or cleaning ease. this grill cooking mat is far superior.

I made a batch of garlic parm wings on my new grill mats from YRYM HT. They came out great. The grease didn't drip down into my grill causing a fire. It stayed on the grill cooking mat and allowed the wings to fry in it. The spices, sauces and cheese I put on the wings stayed on the wings. And best of all the wings still had grill marks and tasted grilled. Cleanup was easy once you dump the grease off the mats and throw in the sink. can't wait to try fish. I bought this as a gift for my dad who grills a lot. It had good reviews which is why I purchased it and the feedback I got after my dad used it was positive, he loved them! Product iscas described, easy to use. Seller emailed and thanked for purchase while also explaining what should be done before using. Excellent service and I love supporting the smaller local companies within location.

In the short time we've had the YRYM HT Grill Cooking Mat we've found that it grills a variety of foods-burgers, salmon, asparagus-extremely well. The product is very reasonably priced given that it is a pack of two. We had a problem with delivery that was due to our absence from the house. The YRYM HT took care of the problem quickly. They are friendly people who are committed to providing a great product to customers. Highly recommend. These mats are an excellent accessory for anyone grilling this summer. Excellent for grilling Fish, Kabobs, Turkey Burgers, Chicken....I used these to grill up Chicken Strips with onions and green peppers for Fajitas and was a cinch to clean up. I love these mats and would highly recommend this product, a great investment and reasonably priced.