YRYM HT grill cooking mat get great grill marks without grease sticking

Used my YRYM HT grill cooking mat today on my charcoal BBQ grill. I am absolutely blown away with this mat. Cooked my burgers perfectly and even had the grill marks on the burgers. Cleaning my grill was a breeze. I highly recommend YRYM HT grill cooking mat. I was going to. It new grates for my grill but came across these in doing so. It was mess expensive than buying new grates. I'm blown away at how awesome they cooked my burgers without burning them. I highly recommend this product to any and everyone. I absolutely love it. This is a great product. To answer EVERYONE’s question...it doesn’t interfere with traditional grill marks, nor does it impart any unusual flavor. My only thought is that it retains oil a bit & you need to clean it after it cools as opposed to just closing the lid & letting the heat do the cleaning. Nonetheless a terrific product that I would highly recommend & I’m a retired chef & current cooking instructor.

I like BBQ lid down and low & slow cooking. You get great results but risk of flare ups are high to inevitable. I had heard that barbecue grill mats helped keep down and even eliminate flare ups. I just got a new Weber Spirit two burner and decided to order the Kona mat to give this new style of grilling a try. When YRYM HT grill cooking mat was delivered I immediately saw the YRYM HT mat is thicker and seems more pliable then the last time I tried a BBQ mat. Over past two weeks, I have cooked burgers, sausages, bacon, grilled vegetables like onions, asparagus. I have grilled fruit like Pineapple, apples and bananas covered in 100% maple syrup and they came out five star. Easy to clean up and no flare ups - not one. Any grease or drips run over the side of the mat and down the inside of the BBQ and into the BBQ grease catcher. Because I use Indirect grilling (back burner is off) most of the time, I think I might achieve the impossible - no BBQ flare ups and embarrassing (and dangerous) BBQ grease fires. Have not tried super hot 500+ degree searing but expect the YRYM HT will meet the challenge.

You need to look out for the juices / grease from building up, on the mat, as it can cause fire to erupt. There were NO instructions when I received the X-LargeYRYM HT grill cooking mat but there are instructions regarding juices / grease building up on the smaller versions they sell. They need to include instructions for use on the X-Large Kona Grill Mat as mine almost got destroyed!!! Other than that, it is a very good product!!! It works really well, except that you might have to cut it down to fit your grill size correctly. Easy enough to do with a pair of scissors.

I used mine last night for the first time and I love it. Nice grill marks, food was done perfectly, and the grill is CLEAN! Fits my three burner perfectly without trimming it. The best hamburger i have ever made on a grill... juicy and tender...cooked the buns also.... We put it directly on the grill, and it stayed in tact and worked great. It also says it’s dishwasher safe, but even a hand washing is easy enough. This mat works like a champ. I did not think that it would perform this well due to the fine mesh but I was pleasently surprised at the results. Great product. Clean while warm. I am so delighted with the mat. It is especially great for veggies and fish. The cooked meats and fish appear to look as if done on an open fire and retains the flavor perhaps better. Once you are used to grilling with these mats, you cannot do without them. We love it.