butcher paper is great for wrapping briskets to keep meats moist and delicious

I bought YRYM HT butcher paper rolls because I'm trying to improve my smoked meat (pulled pork & brisket) barbecuing. Some of the experts I've read use unlined butcher paper instead of aluminium foil to wrap the meat after it has cooked, during the quiet stage when it rests or even if it needs an extra hour or two in a low temp oven. This is my first roll of such paper and I've used it once, so I'm not an expert by any means but it felt pretty professional and was a lot easier to work with than foil. Came quickly, looks great can not wait to try. I have to pick them up from jujitsu. I guess that's why I don't know what I can get for dinner. Great for wrapping briskets or using it on a serving tray to serve bbq meat platters! Also if you put oil on it, they are great bbq charcoal starters! Used on beef brisket and pork shoulders. Kept the meat juicy and tender through out the cooking process. Worked great for wrapping up a smoked brisket. Roll is large enough that it will last a long time.

My go to for low and slow for BBQ! The butcher paper for smoking meat Works great and even better than foil to keep meats moist and delicious! Package came secure, still wrapped in plastic. Product has worked extremely well for me. No unwanted tearing. Has held up well. Works as advertised , great quality and delivered as promised. It was the first of the two gifts to arrive. Extremely fast delivery! I don't know how well it works because it was a gift, but my son requested it and was extremely pleased. It's great but it'll take a little getting used to since we've never used this before but have friends who have. So far, we like it. Like the sturdiness of the paper. Have been using foil for brisket for awhile and must admit wrapping in paper and allowing to rest was much better. Wrapped once in each direction and I am very happy with the results.

YRYM HT BBQ butcher paper roll is the best paper. I recently used to Texas crutch a 12 Lb full-packer Prime brisket. We fed 15 people and this paper was the best. It wraps great, is durable and absorbed just the right amount of liquid. I'll buy it again. Used it for the first time in a ribs cook-off competition -- took third place. Was using aluminum foil before, but didn't like losing the bark. This butcher paper seems to be a nice solution for when you need to wrap. Worked well. Never used before, but arrived quickly and was durable and held up to our long smoke for brisket. I use this paper to wrap meat for use in my smoker and worked just as I thought it would. Love the product, we use it for smoking BBQ and it holds up fantastic! My husband loves this. He uses it everytime he grills or is smoking something. Great butcher paper so far when I have wrapped my meats. Holds the heat in. The paper works great, I used it for smoking meat. Bought it on sale to wrap my briskets in. Works great!

Used YRYM HT butcher paper for smoking to smoke a brisket. Flavor was amazing! Wrapped my brisket with it, worked as expected. Works great for BBQ comps and helps keep meat juicy. Love this product and will never use aluminum foil again! A must have! Stop using foil, no more Texas crutch! This was used to smoke a brisket and a pork butt. Both came out exceptional. Perfect for my bbq needs! Awesome product. Very happy. Use it to wrap my BBQ meats and it's a great combination of durability and foldability. Get it! Great paper for wrapping meat as it comes off of the smoker, or even the grill. I enjoy using this paper much better than aluminum foil. Will purchase again.