Barbecue grill mat keeps grill clean

We received BBQ grill mats quickly just as ordered. I opened well packed box. I read the info with the mat washed one mat and cooked steaks on it the first night. We have been cooking on our YRYM HT copper grill mat ever since! Oh I forgot to say I took off my dirty BBQ grill grates and cleaned them well before using my new Kona mat on them. What a great product and so easy to clean up after you cook on it. If your reading this and haven't pull the trigger (as they say) to buy a quality copper grill mat , buy this one you won't be disappointed! The mat is large enough to accommodate steaks and vegetablels for my family of 4. It arrived quickly and well packed, and the thickness and quality are just what I need. I look forward to not having to lose those juicy bits of meat and veges that have always fallen through the wire on the rack. I was so thrilled to have this that I had to go purchase salmon steaks to grill with confidence that I wouldn't be frustrated when it was time to turn them.

I like YRYM HT copper grill mat better than original black mats. I purchased these for my husband as part of a Father's Day gift. We raise our own beef cattle and are always looking for best practice grilling methods. Our New York Strip Steaks sizzled and seared as soon as they hit the grill mat on our charcoal grill. Appreciated the easy clean-up. We experimented with toasting marshmallows and, much to our delight, they became golden brown and toasty with light grill marks in minutes. Easy to remove and add to s'mores. Our grill mat came out of the dishwasher sparkling clean. We can't wait to grill again! Like the grill mat. Kept it under 500 degrees, however when cooking burgers, grease dripped off the side of the mat and caused a flare-up which resulted in the side of the mat to singe which I was sorry to see after only one use. Nothing stuck and it was easy to clean aside from the flareup spot. Would definitely buy again...just maybe avoid using them with burgers!

Used Barbecue grill mat grill salmon and veggies. Was curious to try a grill mat, this one made clean up a snap! Great grilling aid! Wish I would have found these years ago!! Have cooked about 3 different types of foods in just the first few days since receiving them, and everything turned out great!! Plus.....the grill stays clean!! Hooray!!!! Couldn't ask for a better performing grill accessory!! I am not very happy with this mat. I ve used twice, food doesn't stick but residue has left permanent black marks which don't wash off, and I see small hole already in mat. I expected much more for the money. Would not buy again.Looks like crap after a few uses and is hard to clean but works well for many things.

When you think cookout at the park, first thing you think of is hamburgers. The grease from the burgers collected on the flimsy barbecue grill mat and when it dripped into the charcoal it caught on fire. The fire burned up the mats they were just crap. Never buying again. Has worked good so far and helps keep my grill clean. The only think I don't like is if there is a lot of grease it can pool on the mat where it would normally go through the grill grate.