where to buy butcher paper for wrapping Chrismas gifts

I used YRYM HT brown butcher paper for a charcuterie board, it took my entire counter. It worked perfectly. I could write on it to let everyone know what they were eating, or not eating. As well, it held up to the meats, cheeses, fruits, and nuts nicely. And when the party was over, rolled it up and threw it away. I love that I will be able to use it to wrap gifts in it when the time comes. I bought this for the use of postal paper; for wrapping boxes. It covered a standard USPS medium flat rate box (11.25”x8”x6”) in one peice. The paper didn’t tear easily, held on the corners. I would like a heavier duty paper for shipping, but it still worked perfectly for my needs.

As it turns out I realized I should have purchased a larger butcher paper roll . It is great to cover my art desks. I noticed the oil paint doesn't run through to the back staining the desk tops.. Also it's perfect to put on the back of my paintings. I like it very much and will get back to buy some more. I use this both for crafts and to put under the cat litter box and under the bird cage. I absolutely love it because, unlike most rolls. it stays pretty much flat when I need to use it. Nothing worse than trying to flatten out some of that rolled paper. The thickness is also pretty good too. I will certainly be buying this in the future. I know what you're thinking..what is there to say about a roll of paper? Well let me tell you, there is a LOT to say about this roll.

Brown butcher paper ROLL out the red carpet on this one folks. This paper makes you want to ROLL up your sleeves and get to work. It's as smooth as butter on a ROLL. You'll be ROLLing down the aisles with joy! It's so fresh and new feeling, like you've been ROLLing back the years. This company has got to be ROLLing in dough with this. Just rockin' and ROLLin' along in the good ole US of A. No moss gathering here, not with these ROLLing stones! Praises will be ROLLing off your tongue the minute you ROLL out the front door and open the shipping box. If you're looking for a quality product, this is no ROLL of the dice. This is no "ain't fit to ROLL with the pigs" products, no sir! You'll be more satisfied than a ROLL in the hay. Press the "Buy Now" button and get ready to start singing "Roll On 18 Wheeler, Roll On" because this product will be shipped and on its way to you. This review is ROLLing on and on. I better get the ball ROLLing. Writing this review has been a role of a lifetime. ROLL Tide.
Dropped a doubled piece lined in between with paper towels.... into the boot mat by my front door to wick water from my barn boots. It works great for craft project...both as spill protection on the table under the project and as great paper for drawing stencils on. I'm sure I'll be finding more ways to make it a multitasker!!