YRYM HT copper grill mat makes No flare up

After receiving the YRYM HT barbecue grill mats I bought some pinwheel steaks at my local butcher like I have been doing for decades. They turned out to be the best pinwheels I ever grilled and have done them several times since. When done they are juicy, the cheese and spices stay in the steak and they have grill marks! They clean up fairly well with a Scotch-Brite scrub sponge but some marks do remain. When it starts to bother me I'll throw them in the dishwasher and see what happens. If they don't come out clean enough I'll just buy new ones. These worked great to start, but be careful and clean them regularly. If not, it may be tougher to get clean. I use these on my grill when I cook meat that drips grease. No flare up. I only use it on low to medium high. Worked great on the grill and will save some of the mess of grilling! We did get them pretty charred and they came mostly clean, but worked great!  

I use the YRYM HT barbecue grill mats to grill veggies and other foods that might fall between the slots, the mats work beautifully and clean up is easy. I have also used them for chicken breasts, pork chops and hot dogs and all cook great and even have grill marks. Would highly recommend. Also appreciate the silicon basting brushes included. Wonderful product. Keeps grille clean and easy to clean. I think it's a good product. However, you have two things to keep in mind. The first is that if the grill has a slight inclination (like most) it slides, so you must be double-minded. The second is that the cooking is slower, so, I assume, is solved with a stronger fire. I assume because I only used it once and had to take it off because it took too long and people were starving! Keeps our grill clean and the meat moist and flavorful! At first my husband was skeptical but now we are both fans and don't grill without these!

YRYM HT copper grill mat  Works great, Food cooks without falling through. Great for fish, vegetables, shrimp. Easy to clean. These are great not as easy to clean as they say but I just use the flip side. I bought these bc I am tired of having to replace my gas grill every 2-3 years bc the bottom is burnt out from grease/fat drippings. These mats DO worth as they say they do. The only problem I've had is cleaning them. I found out (the hard way) that you need to clean them while they are still warm. Otherwise you'll end up soaking and scrubbing them. Either way, they don't come completely clean but they really don't need to. They are def worth the money. I have reused mine 5-6 times at least. No need in keeping water nearby for the flames, no more burning out my grill bottom. If they do start to wear out, I'll just order some more. They def cost less than a new grill. Best Damn thing I ever bought, for helping me with my GRILLING! !! It will surprise you on how high you do need the heat though.

Great Product. Meat cooks right in marinade like a non stick pan. But on the BBQ so you still get the smoke with no dry meat. I love these things. Put veggies right on in oil and no biggie with easy cleanup. Brushes are tiny. Can't cook on high heat. But good for the price.  I ended up having to throw them all away after first use. However the company did work with me and gave me refund. That is the only reason they are getting 3 stars. I like how these mats protect your grill from always cleaning it. Won't grill food without these mats now!