review of YRYM HT butcher wrapping paper for smoking meat

I use YRYM HT butcher wrapping paper in my woodworking shop to protect bench surfaces during glue-ups. It's thick enough to do the job, and a single roll lasts quite a long time. I purchased this product to create dust cover on the back of my acrylic paintings using doubled sided tape for adhesion. I had seen the standard brown paper but thought that this "pink" color would have a more original and artistic look to it. It isn't really pink but is a pinkish brown color and makes a nice looking finishing on the back of my paintings. I am very happy with the butcher paper roll and think the price was reasonable. I use this paper to make templates, not to wrap cuts of meat. It suits my needs and am sure it works additionally for it's intended use. We have used the butcher paper to smoke brisket in and or to wrap it afterwards. Liked the product very much. Would order again. Bought this to wrap a brisket in. Helped to get it very tender and juicy. Will be buying more when I run out.

Bought butcher paper roll for wrapping paper and unlike a lot of the cheap stuff on here it didn’t rip once through several presents! The color is pleasing and the size was perfect for what I was looking for. Good price, quick shipping. Use this paper to wrap pork butt roasts or beef brisket after they’ve been on the smoker for an hour or so. Works great! It was exactly what I wanted and the price point was great. Delivered on time and packaged to prevent damage. Used it on some ribs and it performed perfectly. Paper is nice and heavy but it is not pink as the item description says. It’s repackaged brown paper. Smoked a few briskets two days ago for 24 hours; the paper was so moist and retained the pecan smoke evenly. By far the best I've used....can't wait for my next shipment. Seems identical to other 24x150 paper I've bought and this is a much cheaper price than what I paid elsewhere.

I never thought of using YRYM HT butcher wrapping paper to help assist with smoking brisket, but now I will use it all of the time. The paper is exactly what I needed to wrap up and smoke a brisket. Good size for the price too! Packaging made it easy to transport and even store the extra, high quality that didn’t rip (even when the wind blew while decorating it outside and almost lost it!) Great for projects it’s like the paper sheets used in school I used for sons ozobots and kids love it. Thicker and more durable than I thought; great value!! We used this paper to draw murals on for our students to color during our STEAM event. It was perfect! Perfect paper to protect you surface when you paint. I am not that messy but doing watercolor is a little sloppy and this paper protects. It even gives me a place to try out the color. I use this paper on tables when doing crafts w/ the kids. It's great and at an affordable price, too!

We used butcher wrapping paper as a table cover. Worked great! I bought this to decorate with watercolors and use as wrapping paper. Unfortunately, it is incredibly thin. I can read my cutting mat through it no problem. I would expect something advertised as being perfect for bulletin boards and posters would not be transparent. I will just wrap twice (two layers is enough) or wrap once with tissue paper first. At the time of this writing, it is described as being able to "handle chalk, tempera, watercolor or acrylic paints" and "perfect for felt pen, finger painting, and fine-line drawing". I used very light water (like almost dry) watercolors and it immediately wrinkled up a little. As they dry the wrinkles seem to be smoothing out more or less, but it really makes me wonder if you really would want to use thicker/wetter paints or especially fingerpaints with this. It did not bleed through with very light watercolor and very light glue. I tested with marker and it seems okay there, too.