barbecue grill mats are a must for any griller

I cut barbecue grill mats to size to use on cookie sheets. as long as you take care of them they seem to work fine. I have run mine through the dishwasher which works fine as a cleaning method. I have not tried them on the grill yet. Much better than using aluminum foils for grilling. It’s easy to use and to clean! I do feel like they keep the flavor better. Great item! I ordered it for my husband but I'm taking a couple of the mats for baking. This has changed my grilling. Used it the night i got it. My crates are so nasty and food get stuck to it, so this was so great yesterday cooking in it and the items flipping over. Flavor was still really good. Works great and keeps the grill cleaner!

These barbecue grill mats are a must for any griller! I love using these. Place them on the grill and you're able to grill anything loose that would normally fall through the grills. I grill a lot of veggies and a lot of times, they fall through the open grill. Now I'm able to put all the veggies on this mat and get the amazing grill taste! They are reusable after an easy clean which is a nice feature. Best part of all, clean up of the grill is not as bad as before because nothing falls through the grate! these grill mats are great. no foods stick to them. they make grilling breeze and clean up easy. The black color works better than the copper color only because although foods don't stick, they do discolor with the heat and food juices stain. so the black mats work best. I don't know how I grilled without them!

YRYM HT copper grill mat (roll of 5) are good quality and will prevent that asparagus from falling between the grates. I hate when that happens. These are great on the grill. Much cleaner and easy to use. I really like it it’s easier to clean grill then without grill mat, I only used 2 but there is 5 in box so it’s good value. Worked great on the grill! Made shrimp and vegetables. Easy to clean and store! These are awesome. Between this and our lava rocks at the bottom of the grill, we’ve taken it to the next level. I was impressed at how much heat they can handle. As soon as the grill cools off, the mats are easy to wash and ready for another use. No more scrubbing the grill grates! It’s easy for me to grill zucchini, shrimp, and other things that would normally fall through the cracks of the grill grates.

Non stick copper grill mat very easy to clean and reuse. Easy way to protect your grill iron. These barbecue grill mats were amazing I used them on the grill to cook vegetables and chicken. Did not stick easy to clean. I used it also in the oven and placed bacon instead of foil a new fav way to cook bacon!These mats kept food from sticking. Cooked evenly and were easy to clean and reuse. It did seem to take more heat on the grill to cook but the end product was perfect. Grill mats work great and they’re super easy to clean! Great value for the money! This is a great product for grilling! My steaks look like they were right on the grill burner. This product keeps your grill clean with easy cleanup for reuse. What a great price for 5 mats. They are much more expensive at the stores. They keep small items from falling in the grill. They're easy to clean. I couldn't be happier with them.