how to make t shirts with vinyl transfer paper

Using vinyl transfer paper are fun. I love being able to make my own t shirts with the hundreds of cut files I’ve downloaded and stored over the years. Finally, a use for my cutter other than scrapbooking! The vinyl was easy to use, and my T-shirt looks great. Plus, it’s a much less expensive option than the stuff in craft stores which I’ve always had to pass up due to price. This stuff works so easily it isn't a fight to get it weeded and it transfers to nicely to the fabric. Highly recommend. My only complaint is a few of the colors came with the corner bent over. Look and feel really nice. Have not yet used them but I was very pleased to know it came with the heat transfer sheet! I liked this vinyl so well the first time that I just bought a second package! I am really new at this so I waste a lot of vinyl and this is reasonably priced. Also they send an instruction sheet in the package which really helped me! This is an excellent product and the easiest HTV I have ever used. It is also long lasting. Love it! At first was a little confusing which side goes up, but when I followed their suggestion to peel away a little corner, worked like a charm. Easy to weed. Would highly recommend it.

Easy to use vinyl transfer paper. One thing that stood out with the order was the packaging and the instructions it included. A lot times we have quick about the product and it’s just makes it easier when manufacturers included tibits. The sheets were easy to cut with circuit explore 2. It also includes Teflon sheet to add when heating which is awesome. And so far it's durable. Staying on and staying strong. Definitely recommend and will buy again. At first, this might seem a little different when you had been using the Cricut or other brand name. It was a little unnerving to open the pack and feel the difference. However, besides the weeding process takes a little more TLC, especially compared with Siser, the result is better than expected. Super easy to use! It is actually amazing value for the price also. Cuts and transfers easily with my iron, and weeding wasn’t a problem at all! Highly recommend!

Way cheaper than buying the Cricuit brand and HTVRont htv vinyl rolls work just as well. I love using this to make personalized gifts for people! Vinyl worked like a charm! Easy to weed and variety of colors to choose from. Made a shirt to wear to the baseball game and the iron was perfect. This vinyl feels very durable. It was easier to stick to my fabric than most vinyls I have tried. Huge variety in color and great value. I was very pleased with product! It was easy to cut and weed and also pressed very well. I make shirts for customers and I will definitely continue to use this brand!!! I really liked the price but it is hard to see the lines. I would rather pay more and spend less time trying to find the cutlines. I had to pierce the vinyl just to be able to see which side to cut. I was hesitant on buying this because it's a brand that I'm not familiar with. After receiving it I made a shirt for my daughter. The vinyl cut well and was even easier to weed. I actually think that it was easier to iron on than Cricut or Siser. I will definitely buy this brand again.