review of HTVRont heat transfer vinyl

I like the fact that HTVRont heat transfer vinyl is affordable but I have used a better quality product. I used this with my Cricut machine and sometimes the pieces, once cut and weeded, did not stick well when ironed. I had made some small letters and added to a hand towel but the letters started falling off or wouldn't stick at all. I would buy again but only for large projects such as an image, not letters unless they were a good size. I BOUGHT THIS AND SOME STUFF FROM A BIG NAME COMPANY THIS WAS EASIER TO CUT AND WEED. I bought this product to compare to other brands I’ve bought before. It was very easy to use, and the quality was very comparable to top brands. My bundle came with a variety of colors, more of black and whites, that’s good because I use those colors often. I like that it came with a bonus Teflon sheet. I usually use wax paper but the Teflon sheet that came with it works so much better. I will definitely buying more! This is a great set of HTV collection! The vinyl has a matte look to it which is very different from the other big brands I use previously. I tend to like matte vinyl more and can’t wait to use this on my family vacation shirts!

I am a art and craft lover and This is my first time trying for HTVRont heat transfer vinyl. I must say that I am so much impressed with this multicolor htv and couldnt wait to start using it. I apologize it took me longer than expected to write this review?? But I am well pleased with this product. It is easy to use as the instruction sheet says that came in package. I am pleased with the heat transfers and the protective sheet that came with it. I pressed this with my regular iron just to see how great it was. My shirt turned out perfect???? Thank you for being honest and fast with this order. This set has a nice range of colors to try out. It cuts well on my Cricut with the regular iron on vinyl setting. It is easy to weed and easy to attach. I use a heat press and have had no issues. It also comes with directions that are very detailed.

I had worried about using an "off branded" HTV, but at this price, I had to try Best Heat Transfer Paper ... I had nothing to worry about! Not only was the packaging neat and professional, with a high-quality heavy-weight feel, but the also included were detailed specific printed instructions and a teflon sheet (I had been using typing paper for a cover sheet with "name-brand" HTV!). Cut very easily and worked a treat the first time! It applied thoroughly to cotton t-shirt easily and without having to use excessive heat. The backing sheet was just the right weight, a little less sticky than some (Siser Easyweed stretch) I had used before - making it a little easier to weed, but also easier to loose tiny bits if you're not careful. (I found a couple and placed by hand without the carrier.) The design shown was fairly small (8" wide) and very intricate, and it worked well even at that level of detail! (See picture with hand, for size comparison.)In the third picture you can see the texture of the HTV after applied to normal cotton t-shirt fabric, and how well it 'melds' into the fabric. I have confidence that this stuff will stick. Oh, and the colors are brilliant and beautiful!

This was my first couple of projects with this, and I am very pleased, and will certainly be re-buying! Definitely a "best buy"! If I have any problems or changes, I will update this review. Very good heat transfer vinyl. The colors are great and the variety gives you good options if anything. Very easy to weed and adheres easily to your surfaces. I am cautious when buying have to be to ensure you get your money's worth. This HTV was amazing though! It arrived just on time and was well worth it! The value was amazing and the vinyl is very durable and SO WASY TO WEED which is a extra plus for me. The first project I tried it on was my sun hats. Which can be tricky due to some ways I cant use a teflon sheet on it, but even without my teflon sheet direct heat worked perfectly. It adhered so well and the finished look on the hats looks amazing!